Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wordless Wednesday is Now Worded, Because you Asked

This picture was taken with my cheap little cell phone. The first time I saw this location I fell in love with it! It is such a special place. Last September, Jerry's Uncle Bob passed away. This picture is at the home of his daughter and son in law. They live in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley. This is their private lake. Uncle Bob's memorial service was held next to this lake, under an Oak tree that has to be over 100 years old. It is huge! Their home sits up on a hill to the right of the lake, above rows and rows of wine grapes. The lake has many items set just so all around it's perimeter. Examples are little row boats on the shore just waiting for someone to jump in for a ride. There is a small dock that has a ladder out at the end, easily accessible for jumping in and getting out of the water. Tom and Debbie are very blessed to live in such a beautiful place. Wouldn't I just love to have a small little bungalow off to the left of the lake. There is a perfect spot to tuck it in between two small hills, a stones throw from the lake. Sitting quietly, at this beautiful location, sure made this girl's mind wander!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Empty Nester!

We came home this weekend to find that while we were gone our babies flew the coop nest!They really do make a mess.

I didn't even get to say goodbye see them fly away! Time to put on my big girl pants, clean up the mess, and wait for the new nesters!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Visiting 3043 & 3047

While we were visiting my parents this weekend, Kackie and I were looking at some old pictures. What fun that was! We came across this one and I knew I wanted to scan it and post it. This is really a flashback! Uncle Bill, sweet Auntie Rita, Yohanna, and Gene. Eons ago!
So, while we were on our way home, I thought it would be fun to drive past the house my mom and aunt grew up in.The house on the left is the first house they lived in when they moved to California. Papa built the house on the right and everyone moved to the new house and rented out the old one. Later I lived in the house on the left with my mom and brothers, my grandma and Papa still lived in the house next door.
In the early 80's, after a large earthquake, Gramdma sold the house and moved in with my mom. She was afraid "the big one" would hit and she would be stranded in La Crescenta all by herself.

Getaway Weekend

This weekend Jerry and I went to my parents for a visit. We have a great time, as usual. We had dinner at El Sids, yummy. I was really enjoying the indoor patio dining. Just outside the window were the cutest little finches eating seeds from a sock feeder, very entertaining! I really wish I had my camera in my purse!
We also helped take out a very large entertainment /media center from the great room. That sucker was huge! Coincidentally, a new TV stand arrived soon after we did on Friday. With the new in, and the old out, we went shopping for the new 55" flat screen that would call the new stand home.This beauty is awesome., AND it has WIFI on board! Can you say envious?
Now, Dad just has to learn all the new tricks this baby does.

Spring has shown it's face in the mountains. The flowers are just beautiful! I walked around this morning with Shadow, my brothers dog, accompanying me. The Dogwood tree is in full bloom.The Lilac bushes are doing their best to out shine each other, lavender...and white varieties. Next week this Wisteria should have all of it's buds fully blooming, should be spectacular, there are tons of buds!Everything is so pretty, including the meadow . It is so green with these sweet little purple flowers everywhere.All too soon it was time to end our weekend. This is nature showing off on the Grapevine, near Gorman. It was a little hazy so these pictures don't do the colors justice.
Also, Lake Pyramid appears to be full for a change. Usually when we drive past the water level looks like it is 8 to 10 feet low. Today you can't see the water line.
Oh, and today is my niece Cassie's birthday. Happy birthday Cassie, I hope your first day of being a teenager was a perfect day!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Two Weeks Today

Yes, two weeks ago this nest was very different looking. It housed the cutest little eggs, four of them. Today, not so cute. I was reading about House Finches and I guess this is very common for them. Their house keeping leaves something to be desired. How could they go from cute little eggs to, how can I put this mildly? ...dirty birds. That's it, no need to sugar coat it. JUST DIRTY! In about 10 days I think this nest will have done it's job, and my hatching's will fly the nest.
Last year we repeated the nesting process 3 times in this spot, and one nest in another spot on the patio, totaling 4 nests and 14 new birds.

We shall see what May brings this year.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Few Facts About Me, and My Yards

I thought I would tell you a few things that I like, besides ladybugs, thunderstorms, babies, rainbows, and ice cream. As far back as I can remember I have loved flowers. I fully remember my Nana having Fuchsias, growing in a shady spot, just off of her patio. If you walked down the walk, in the planter, is where I saw my first Stocks and Johnny Jump Ups (Violas).

At my Grandma's house, there were Bougainvillea, Iris, Dusty Miller, and Geraniums. Red of course.

When we went to my Sweet Auntie Rita's house, roses lined the driveway. Clipping from neighbors, carefully planted. I think I also remember a very large Hibiscus near the back door. Later, in my teen years my mom had a rather large rose garden. So, I think my love of flowers was destined to be.

I like cut flowers, but not near as much as a yard fully in bloom. I'm the kind of person that would much rather have a flat of flowers delivered, than a vase. My thinking is you can enjoy them much longer, planted. The last couple of years I have not been planting the way I am accustomed to doing. It's a matter of need and want. With money being tight I really didn't need them. I bought seed packets and got my flowers the old fashioned way...plant and wait. No instant gratification there. However, I did get some really nice, and tall flowers!

The next thing that I enjoy is a good race. I'm not talking about putting on some tennies and running ...I like to race mother nature. For example; on a warm summers' eve, just as the sun is setting, I love to get out all the gear to do yard work. Yep the mower, weed wacker, edger, you get the picture. I love to race the sun. See if I can complete the job before its dark. The reward for doing so.... cooling off with the hose while watering the parched grass and flowers, as the last of the sun lights the sky to a beautiful orange. Pure bliss! Today I was in one of those races. Oh, not mowing, but planting flowers. I wasn't racing the sun, but the rain. The weather forcast is for rain, three days of rain. P.E.R.F.E.C.T. Spring showers for summer flowers! I hurried home from work to start my race. Sunday I bought 32 one gallon pot of geraniums for my yard! Oh how excited I am for the riot of color that will be in my little paradise I call home. This might be overload of pictures. I need to have the before pictures so there is something to compare to mid summer, when the grass is greener, and the plants are mounds of bright colors.By the way, today I was the winner again, but only by a few raindrops

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Monday, April 12, 2010

My Sweet Auntie Rita

This weekend had to feel like Mother's Day for my Sweet Auntie Rita. She has eight children. Most of them live in the same state as she does. Two live in neighboring states. Rarely are all her kids together at the same time.Well, she had all of them visiting on the same weekend. Without the grand kids, it had to be a much quieter family affair. You can only imagine what it's like if all are gathered at the same time. It's staggering, the amount of grand, and great grandchildren she has. I don't even know the amount, but she does! Auntie Rita has ALS, and she is a very brave woman. You can go here to see some very touching pictures my cousin Jenni took. Jenni is Auntie Rita's granddaughter, and a budding photographer. She captured something very special, very touching photos-- a memory forever saved...and that is priceless.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Another day @ Nana and Boppa's

So, today was a great day. Everyone played well and and got along.
How sweet is this? I love it that Braeden has learned to read and write.....and can write just what's on his mind. Ryan and Allie came over, adding more fun to the mix!
We had a nice family dinner, and it was time for each family to make their way home. After everyone was gone, this is what I found! I guess that's what I get for teaching the kids how to climb a tree.How they got all this stuff up in the tree, and managed to wedge it all in, is beyond me. Luckily this Nana knows how to climb this tree, avoiding a call to the fire department about a Kitty, and a couple of babies in the tree .