Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Two Are 3, and Jumping...... Weeee

With chilly temperatures and rain in the forecast, 
the twins' party was moved from the park
 to Jumping Jacks. 

Just killing time.
Waiting for their friends
Mustaches from the quarter machine,
I think Quinn's hurts!
Quinn playing with toys.....
why not the slides and jumpers Quinn?
That's better, more fun too!
The cake room           
Time to celebrate!
Laci did a great job on the decorations
and pictures of the little firemen.
Cupcakes and goodies

They're ready for the fun stuff
Make a wish and blow out the candles!
...and just because she is adorable,
this is Macy eating her cupcake!
Boppa and Jace....buddies!
Happy Birthday boys, we love you little guys to pieces!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Duncan the Twirling Dog!

Happy Valentine's Day

Today I took donuts to all my funny Valentine's.

Lets start with the Rogina  kids.

This made these cuties very happy!
Mackenzi with her Valentine from Mom and Dad.
This silly girl asked me to take a picture of her feet....OK?
Jace liked his heart too!
Quinn didn't want his picture taken.
Sorry it's blurry, too cute to leave out!

Next...The Gus  kids.
More donuts

...and if he isn't the sweetest little guy,
dressed in his tie onesie his Auntie Laci made for him.
 It matches the one's she made for Jace and Quinn.
Dana sewed the embellished heart on her T-shirt.
She is a cutie too.


After school Braeden was tasting a Pixie stick.
I bet he didn't think it would be so tart.
I hope you all had a fun filled day full of love !

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lake Havasu's First Annual Hot Air Balloon Festival

  Last month, we met up with my parents in Lake Havasu for the balloon festival. There was so much going on. The actual festivities were at the Nautical Inn, on the island. The golf course was the place to be. There was balloons, food, craft vendors, entertainment, and a small carnival.
The problem was...it's an island. 
One way in, 
one way out.
 This made for lots of traffic. There were supposed to be 42 balloons participating. I think I counted a total  of maybe 13 that actually flew. There was a slight wind all three days. I guess anything over 5 mph and the balloons stay grounded. Aside from the balloons there were ultra lights as well as bi-planes.
The ultra lights
The view of the ferris wheel  from across the channel.
It was fun to watch this crew trying to bring this  "Serve Jesus" balloon in. One of the boats had a tow line, gently pulling it towards shore....then some unlucky fool guy had to go in waist deep to grab the line to bring the balloon in the rest of the way.

Its, a car, it's a boat...it's definatly cute!

This Jack-in-the-box was huge!
He got off the ground, but didn't travel very far before coming down again.
There are several light houses dotting the shore of the island.

       Perfect ending of a perfect day? 
A beautiful sunset.

 Lake Havasu and the Parker Strip are right there at the 
top of my list of my all time favorite spots to getaway! 
Water, desert heat, and carefree days, 
yup my favorite...
rates right up there with these two guys! 
Next year? Count me in!