Monday, January 25, 2010


Ahhhhhh....I always thought I was nothing like my twin brothers!!! Now I know it to be true, and I am so glad. They are self centered and greedy! I have NONE of that in me. If you know me, you to know I would do anything for just about anyone.... except those spoiled adult men. They broke the last straw, pushed me over the edge, I'm done, but you know what...what comes around, goes around! I guess just because kids grow into adults or at least one of us doesn't mean the road will be smooth. Nope, not at all!

Bye Bye Trailer!

I'm feeling kinda sad, kinda happy. We sold our travel trailer this weekend. I LOVED that trailer. I'm thinking sometimes you have to give things up because better things are to come.....Now I just need to be patient, and hope it's something awesome!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Sleepover

Braeden and Kelsea are here for a sleepover. We had a busy night. They were dropped off about 4:30 tonight. They ran to do their favorite thing lately, climbing the backyard tree. Braeden does not have a black eye, it's just shadows from the leaves.
We had just enough time to have Del Taco for dinner before heading out to the theater to see The Spy Next Door. While munching on popcorn, Braeden and Kelsea laughed and giggled at the funny things that were happening on the movie. When we got home, the kids were very good about getting ready for bed. Jammie's, potty, and teeth brushed. Kelsea jumped right into bed, lines her babies up and promptly went to sleep. You can sure see the Kappmeyer in her, it's usually the men that have this habit though....
Braeden wanted to stay up a little longer though, claiming he needed a snack. He decided on cheerios and then wanted to sit with Boppa for a bit before bed. As you can see, that lasted about 5 minutes, sleepy kids!

A Conversation With Kelsea

A couple of days ago Kelsea and I were in the guest room. We were talking about how she and Braeden were going to spend the night on Saturday. As she ran her hands over the bedspread she excitedly asked if this was going to be her bed. I said, sure, you can sleep in here if you want. With a worried look on her face she told me that when she gets scared in her room, she goes into mommy and daddy's room and sleeps on the floor by them. She asked if she got scared here, could she do the same? Oh sweetie, I replied, you and your brother can just sleep in my bed with me. We will just let Boppa sleep in guest room bed. What a sweet smile she has when she is pleased!

Random statement from Braeden..." My farts smell JUST. LIKE. MY. DAD'S"!

haha, you gotta love kids!

Help, My Glue Gun is Missing!

It looks like this. In fact, I have 3 of them.I know it's somewhere in this closet. There is such a mess in there that I can't find them. I have some bows to make and it is a necessary tool. I am too embarrassed to open the door wish I had taken a picture of how it looked before I cleaned and organized it.But, I did take pictures of the finished project. All my craft supplies are neatly tucked into their own little space.....

......until I get in a hurry, throw things in, and slam the door again!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Update on Daisy

Our fur child Daisy, has been with her brother all her life. The litter mates came to our family a little over 8 years ago. I was a little worried that Daisy would have a hard time adjusting to Cruisers death. Let me tell you, that girl is living the high life. She seems to be thriving with little or no signs of missing him. I wish I could say the same for me, I miss that silly boy. She got new toys for Christmas, one was a yummy looking cupcake. She can be found lounging with Jerry....

...just waiting for a good old belly rub. She sleeps with us, she even went to work with us last week. Yes, I'd say she is doing just fine!

California ...Showing Off!

We, the lucky people who call California home, are very spoiled by our climate. Every day of 2010 has had daytime highs in the 70's. The post below showed how beautiful the sky was at sunrise. This post shows that our sunsets are equally beautiful.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Perfect Moment Monday

Today as I woke, through the windows were reflections in the shades of oranges and pinks, on the walls of my bedroom. The moon is still visible in the sunrise.
What a beautifully perfect way to start the day.