Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Conversation With Kelsea

A couple of days ago Kelsea and I were in the guest room. We were talking about how she and Braeden were going to spend the night on Saturday. As she ran her hands over the bedspread she excitedly asked if this was going to be her bed. I said, sure, you can sleep in here if you want. With a worried look on her face she told me that when she gets scared in her room, she goes into mommy and daddy's room and sleeps on the floor by them. She asked if she got scared here, could she do the same? Oh sweetie, I replied, you and your brother can just sleep in my bed with me. We will just let Boppa sleep in guest room bed. What a sweet smile she has when she is pleased!

Random statement from Braeden..." My farts smell JUST. LIKE. MY. DAD'S"!

haha, you gotta love kids!

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Mamabee said...

Better Dad's then MINE!