Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday Dana!

Today is my daughters birthday.
She is a great daughter.
She is a great mom.
I think, she is a great wife...
She loves the beach
She IS the birthday girl
ALL day...
Happy birthday Dana, I love you!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Our House

Just like the song: ... is a very very very fine house.
There's only one cat in the yard, and its made of stone! The dog is real though. The neighborhood might not be what it used to be back when my family moved here. I was in 6th grade. I have changed houses twice since moving out of my mom's house away. Well not really away, just two different addresses on the same street. So, lately I have had the bug to move. I would love to be closer to my daughters, for many reasons.
Today while I was sitting in my nest, looking out in the back yard, I got to thinking... my thoughts ran in all directions, but mostly I was thinking about all that has happened in the house, that we made a home, in the last 23 years we have lived here. All the changes that we've gone through. I realized I would love to be closer to the girls and their families. BUT! I love my home. I feel safe in this neighborhood. I know in these times we should guard ourselves more. Locks windows, and door and such. We lock our doors, but we do leave our windows open, confident in the fact that we are safe in our home, at least for now. I think of all the work we have done to make this our humble little haven and it makes me tired to think of having to start over in a new place. Come on in, I'll show you around... and you're just in time for dinner!

There's always room, we'd love for you to visit us!
Birds are everywhere, their songs are so sweet.
Come on into the backyard, there is always something in bloom!

So, This is where you'll find me most summer days. I'll be trying to convince myself again, that there's no place like home!

Saturday, June 26, 2010


While I was trying to remember how to attach a video to this blog. I came across these old slide shows I had on my old MySpace account. Sometimes its nice to look back on days gone by! These boys were so little! Its hard to believe that they are over two years old already. Then there were our trips to the river, I sure miss our trailer out there! The last one I will post for today....

Two Little Monkeys

Who knew that these two kids would love to climb trees? Not any tree, just my back yard tree!

What fun to sit up high, looking down on everyone. I am responsible for these kids climbing this tree. This statement might come back to bite me if they are ever injured from a fall. But for now...they have been taught to always keep at least one hand holding onto a limb. They are not allowed to climb with shoes on (I think when climbing you get a better feel of your!). They are getting to be just as good at climbing as their cousin Allie. I, on occasion, will make my way up to the tallest branches with them where we can look out over the neighboring yards. Friday I taught them a few new tricks. They are a little apprehensive, but that's good! I want them to know their limits, and not be too daring. Mackenzi is so wanting to climb this tree to! The rule is; if you can get up there all by can climb the tree! She is so close. Soon she will be climbing with Braeden and Kelsea!

Do they look proud or what?

Friday, June 25, 2010

Worn and Torn

I have this little girl that loves her baby and travel system. This stroller combo is almost vintage in the world of toys. Graco made this model in 2005. My Mom actually bought this stroller for Braeden. Kelsea was a 2 month old baby. Grammy thought Braeden would like to have a baby and stroller, just like his Mama. Through the years this toy has been well used by many kids. It has seen better days! We have looked to replace this stroller, nothing looks as functional as this very loved model.

It is ripped and torn, making it difficult for a "baby" to safetly ride inside. Kelsea asked if I could fix it....well, I'm afraid the fabric is beyond repair. However....I can remake it!

This time around instead of the blue plaid, we went with a bright Hawaiian fabric. Look how happy this little one looks in her clean and bright new car seat.

Or just going for a ride, secured in the stroller...

..and when Kelsea needs to stop for a diaper change, this diaper bag is removable.

and holds diapers, bottles, and even a changing pad to keep her baby away from germs. Here is the proud Mommy with her very own Eletent, to protect her baby from the elements!
....and this travel system has a new life. Did I tell you?

I have one very happy little girl!