Sunday, March 27, 2011

Taking Risks!

I have a pantry in my kitchen that I love.
 I love it so much that when we remodeled the kitchen, 
with moved walls and all new cabinets, this piece stayed! 
It was custom made just for me some 20 years ago by Tom, 
our friend and house guest.
Floor to ceiling, it holds a tremendous amount of stuff.
This end of the kitchen is kind of blah, not much going on.
So, we had scraps of this..

Then I took a chance and used this magnetic primer,
then the black chalkboard paint!
I think I really like the finished project!
It's such a fun way to jazz up the end of my pantry.
The magnetic primer enabled a plain wood/formica  cabinet to accept magnets.
The chalkboard paint, just fun.

 Best of all?

Finding little notes like this!

Saturday, March 5, 2011

What a Day!

Today is just a teaser....of things to come! 
I do love fall and all the autumn colors,
                                       like this leftover pumpkin! 
 I can usually keep them from spoiling until mid May.

Today we are enjoying temperatures in the low 80's.
Spring is 15 days away...but today
the air is heavy with the scent of spring!
   This pink Jasmine smells heavenly!

These fruit trees have sweet smelling blossoms, 
and even a few that have turned to the very beginnings of tasty fruit.

Some of the trees are already heavy with summer fruit. 

I am very excited for this blossom. 
I have had this wisteria vine for well over 20 years.
It has always had greenery that is trailing beauty.... but
so much as one cascade of blooming sweetness.
I even gave up on it and dug it up several years ago.
It has been trying every year since to please me. 
Every year I cut it back down to the ground.
 This year I ignored it and let it grow.
 ....and pleased I am! 
 I know it's only one bloom....but it's a start!

Here are a few plants 
that are showing their spicy colors.......

...while these take a little longer.
 Shortly this corner of my yard will be sweet smelling with pink Plumeria and giant orange Cosmos.

The front yard still looks like winter is in full swing.
However, the grass has been fed,
 and the newly planted flats of Petunias and Pansies 
have had a long drink of Miracle Grow. 
 So today, 
I am going to enjoy the sweet smell in the air, 
and the spring like weather, 
 because the weather is expected to look like this for a few days next week...
and that's OK!   
 Before you know it I will be doing another post,
 about another season,
and how I really love fall and pumpkins!