Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Making Progress...Finally!

Yes, I am happy to say we are making some progress with our little bathroom. 
We have a really nice guy doing a great job putting the bathroom back together.
He is protecting the wood floors. 
Who knew that paper would make so much noise to walk on during those late night trips to the bathroom.

Daisy doesn't mind the paper, I think she has a better grip and slips less on the paper than the wood floors. 
I'm very excited to have the end in sight for this remodel job. We have added a few things to the new look. 

We relocated the drain to the center of the shower.
It's hot mopped and ready to go.

We added a bench, it sits where the drain used to be. To the left of the seat is a pony wall that a solid piece of glass will sit on, no more sliding doors for us. I think I will love a frameless glass door.
Jerry is going to have back surgery in the near future so we are adding features to make showering safer

We have also added a niche for the shampoo and conditioner.
The tile is being installed today!
Yes, today I am a happy girl!