Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy Birthday.....Happy New Year!

I can't believe this is the last day of this year. Even harder to believe, our little boy, Braeden, turned 6 today. All of these pictures of Braeden are either on his birthday, or a few days before. Seems like yesterday that our baby boy was born.His 1st birthday.A few days away from birthday # 2.#3#4Before birthday #5 Today, on his 6th birthday, with his friend Wes.
Happy Birthday Braeden, we love you!
To everyone else, Happy New Year! Here's hoping that this new year finds you all... healthy, hopefully wealthy, and wise!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Tidy Wipees

Who doesn't like a clean bathroom? We do! I love anti-bacterial wipees. They make cleaning one of the most dreaded room easy to clean. If the truth be told, I like baby wipees too. No matter the use, baby or adult, they come in handy for that quick clean up. We always have them on hand, even though we have no babies living here. However, we do have plenty that visit. Consider this a public service announcement. When you are in a bathroom, and need to do a little tidying up, make sure you grab this.They used to look like this....Our favorite warehouse store has changed the packaging!...Now they really look like this....So, please read the packaging, and make sure you are using the proper product, for the proper job. If you thought that baby wipes could occasionally sting, you should feel what the anti-bacterial wipes feel like!. Thanks to Jerry our tester, we now know the difference.....and WILL read the labels before grabbing a wipee!

Wordless Wednesday

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Spending quality time with family, what could be better? I wish I would have taken more pictures of each family, and more of all the kids. Thankful that we have space large enough to fit our family in comfortably. Thanks again Dana and Kevin for offering your beautiful home as our gathering spot.Our newest family member, Duncan.Spending our first Christmas eve with some of our family members. Since childhood I have always spent Christmas day with my Dad's side of the family. We haven't spent Christmas day together in over 15 years. Cindy, Kackie, and CassieMy brother John and his wonderful main squeeze Sandie. Cindy (inside joke).Desserts aplenty.We had a cookie exchange.Our tableAgain, all lit up with candles.Jace and Quinn This is the kids table.We were able to seat 29 people in the same room for our Christmas dinner.


Tri Tip
Baby Back Ribs
Sweet Potatoes
Mashed Potatoes
Scalloped Potatoes
Green Bean Casserole
Fresh Asparagus
Homemade Dinner Rolls

Boys will be boys!As the evening came to an end I got some pictures of Braeden and Kelsea preparing for their visit from Santa.Cookies and milk were carefully put on the coffee table, very near the chimney, so Santa would easily find this treat. Showing just how good they were all year long.
Watching the fireplace to try to sneak a peek of the famous guy.Oh, they would never forget to leave treats for the reindeer. They also sprinkled oats peppered with glitter, so that the reindeer would see the sparkles in the grass and know to stop at their house.We hope that you have a beautiful time making memories with family, and those you love. Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Hats

Merry Christmas, from our home to yours!