Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Wedding, A Beautiful Bride, and Pretty Girls...

Yesterday we all went to Manuela and Paul's wedding. It was on lookout point , high on a cliff , over looking the ocean. There were about 60 people attending. When we left home the weather was in the high 90's. I would say the beach was in the mid 60 with a slight breeze, and overcast. It was a very nice wedding. As Manuela was walking down the isle, the marine layer was swirling around her....just beautiful!

She was so calm. She is now an instant mommy too. She has a little boy, his name is Big Wes, he is 6 years old. What a nice package, a husband AND a son!

The title says a wedding, a bride, and pretty girls! So this is the pretty girls part!

Congratulations to Manuela, Paul, and Wesley!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Tag, I'm it!

TAG! I'M IT! ....And I promise I won't tag you!

10 years ago I was:

1. Just turning 40
2. Bought Laci a new car
3.Was working full time for Exhibit Services West
4.was 20 pounds lighter
5.experiencing my first bout of Vertigo

5 things on my "to do" list today (Since it's late at night, I'll do my tomorrow's to do list)
1.Have my 50th birthday!
2. go to my dermo appointment
3. Play with Braeden, Kelsea, and Mackenzi
4.Go to Laci and Matts for birthday dinner

5 snacks I enjoy:
1. ice cream
2. yogurt
3. kettle corn
4. celery and peanut butter
5. pretzels dipped in cream cheese

5 things I'd do if I was a millionaire:
1. Donate to the March of dimes & Pan Can
2. Pay off ALL my kids houses
3. Make sure my Dad and Kackie have enough money to do things they would like to do
4. Put money away for retirement
5. Give Jerry the money he wants to race.

5 jobs I've had:
1. J C Penney's
3. Cocktail waitress
4. Trade show Installer
5. Family home daycare provider

5 places I've lived:
1. La Crescenta
2. Duarte
3. 1730 Mardina
4. 1434 Mardina
5. 1727 Mardina...just can't get off of this street!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Up and coming businesses

While blog hopping and checking out I found some interesting stuff! I was so jazzed to see that there are several people jumping on the baby car seat cover band wagon. In addition to my cousin Diana, (she sells under my Eletent name), and the OTHER person selling under MY ELETENT NAME, several other people are now selling them too! All items have the same look. The following are the people trying to make a little extra cash selling a very useful home made item. Go check them out. Good luck ladies, and congratulations on some clever names.

Etsy :: PeekaBooBabyBoutique :: EleTent Car Seat Cover

Etsy :: 123Sisters ::

The Car Seat Canopy

TENTABIE Car Seat Cover

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Feeling kind of .......violated, and I need to vent!

I am really feeling very used and abused. Several days ago I was shown a Blog page. It was very unsettling to me..... let me give you a little history of the of the item in question.

I started making my version of an EleTent (infant car seat cover that "tents" your baby from the "elements") shortly after my granddaughter, Kelsea was born. Those of you that know me, are very familiar with this item. Over a three year period I have done very well selling them. Most of my customers are from word of mouth. I also have a My Space page for this item, and other various items. I have seriously made more that 300 of them. This useful item is what I shower gift to all of the new mommies I know!
My cousin Diana, who lives in Arizona, also sells under the Eletent name, with my permission!!!

Fast forward....A few months ago I gifted an Eletent to what I thought was a good friend of Dana, a member of her church, and someone that Dana's MIL took under her wing while she was living here. She treated her like a daughter, gave her a great job, and gave her a baby shower too, just before she moved back to Utah. She too was given an Eletent for her shower, made to coordinate with her daughter's car seat. I even taught her how to make head bands and bows for her new baby. Well, it appears she and her mother were so impressed with the Eletent that they decided to custom make the same item......fine with me. I have no problem with crafty people doing crafty things. It's the American see something and think, "I can make those" Some people follow through, and then some don't.... no problem. Where I have a problem is when SHE MAKES THE ITEM AND MARKETS IT UNDER THE SAME NAME AS I NAMED MY ITEM!!!!
Yes, I am flaming mad!!!!!!!

So, if you, and you know who you are, happen to come upon this blog, decide to do the RIGHT thing .... rename your item....make it your own...please, feel free to send me the labels you have, with a bill for their cost, I will gladly pay you for them. I will also wish you very good luck with your sales of whatever you creatively decide to name YOUR item! It's a big world and the opportunities are unending.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Moving Day!

Today was moving day at the Gustafson home. Matt brought a BIG truck from his work to load with all the furniture. Laci came in later in the day to hang out for awhile. We were taking a break from working and visiting with Laci and the kids I caught the boys playing together. I think it is so darn cute when they crack each other up!
We got everything moved to storage, and almost everything clean. The cleaning is totally finished upstairs. All that is left to do downstairs is clean the hardwood floors and empty the fridge. Whoo hoo! Kevin got all the nail holes patched and touched up with paint. They hand over the keys a week from today, so they are right on schedule!
Tonight will be the first night Dana, Kevin and the kids stay here. I'm looking forward to them staying while waiting for their new home to be ready!Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Morning rescue!

Last night was Mackenzi's turn to have a sleepover with Nana. We had a great time! This morning Dana, Braeden, and Kelsea came over. We have a busy day planned. While I was on the phone with Laci, finalizing our schedule, the kids were in the backyard playing. I hear Braeden yelling...."Nana, come quick!, Mackenzi is stuck!!!!" I started running out back and saw what was happening, not an emergency, so.... what did I do? What any new blogger would do! I yelled, "Wait....let me get my camera!" (like she was going anywhere!) Here is what I saw! What a good boy to call for help and rescue for his little cousin.

Mackenzi with her rescuer!

We should all take a lesson from Mackenzi. Take time to stop and smell the roses....just don't get too close!

Monday, September 1, 2008

B-B-Q @ The Rogina's

Laci called and invited me, as well as Dana's family out to dinner. So we all went out and had a very yummy meal. Laci made potato salad and Matt barbecued asparagus and hamburgers. It was DELISH! We watched a little TV and played with the kids. Here we are playing with playdough.

It is so funny to watch the boys, they are all over the place, they kind of do a crawl-breaststroke- lunge. Quinn is trying to pull himself up on some things. He also has a thing for princesses! He just loves his sisters little princess couch.Mackenzi is such a little dancer and singer. She sings almost non stop. If music comes on, you can be sure she is gonna shake her booty! Today I tried to get it on tape...

Okay, so maybe today wasn't a good day for singing and dancing. You can be sure I'll try again, she is just too cute not to! Oh, she was singing "Living on a Prayer"

Happy Labor Day!

Today is the unofficial end of summer. The day we celebrate all the hard work we have done all year long. The beginning of another school year. The anticipation of the coming of the next season. Oh, what a significant day today is. For me it is a quiet day. The yards are done and looking good. The house is clean. I am here alone. Jerry has gone to his cousins house to work on race engine stuff. Braeden and Kelsea have gone home , but not before we went out to breakfast.

We have this little airport, not far away, where they love to go to eat. They have outside dining. While you are waiting for your meal there is so much for little ones that LOVE airplanes to look at. Braeden is full of questions. "Do big planes or little planes go faster? What kind of plane is that? Where do you think they are going? Do you think those wheels will go up into the plane after he takes off?"...and on and on. Today we stood at the 4 foot fence that keeps people off the hanger area and the runway. We were watching a small jet that was warming up, getting ready for take off. As the plane rolled past us you should have seen how happy Braeden and Kelsea were when the pilot actually waved back at them! Then there was Kelsea in her sweet little voice saying rather loudly..."have a nice day! bye" while waving like a parade queen. So cute! A trip to the cafe isn't complete without stopping in the airplane store, for new little planes to add to their collection. And lastly, to ride the kid size airplane like you were the best pilot and stuntman EVER!

Now, as for the rest of today....I'm off to go visit my other favorite kids! Mackenzi, Jace and Quinn! Have a great day!