Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Today is the unofficial end of summer. The day we celebrate all the hard work we have done all year long. The beginning of another school year. The anticipation of the coming of the next season. Oh, what a significant day today is. For me it is a quiet day. The yards are done and looking good. The house is clean. I am here alone. Jerry has gone to his cousins house to work on race engine stuff. Braeden and Kelsea have gone home , but not before we went out to breakfast.

We have this little airport, not far away, where they love to go to eat. They have outside dining. While you are waiting for your meal there is so much for little ones that LOVE airplanes to look at. Braeden is full of questions. "Do big planes or little planes go faster? What kind of plane is that? Where do you think they are going? Do you think those wheels will go up into the plane after he takes off?"...and on and on. Today we stood at the 4 foot fence that keeps people off the hanger area and the runway. We were watching a small jet that was warming up, getting ready for take off. As the plane rolled past us you should have seen how happy Braeden and Kelsea were when the pilot actually waved back at them! Then there was Kelsea in her sweet little voice saying rather loudly..."have a nice day! bye" while waving like a parade queen. So cute! A trip to the cafe isn't complete without stopping in the airplane store, for new little planes to add to their collection. And lastly, to ride the kid size airplane like you were the best pilot and stuntman EVER!

Now, as for the rest of today....I'm off to go visit my other favorite kids! Mackenzi, Jace and Quinn! Have a great day!

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Lopez Life said...

AAHH!! How cute! You are such a good Grandma!!!