Thursday, September 18, 2008

Feeling kind of .......violated, and I need to vent!

I am really feeling very used and abused. Several days ago I was shown a Blog page. It was very unsettling to me..... let me give you a little history of the of the item in question.

I started making my version of an EleTent (infant car seat cover that "tents" your baby from the "elements") shortly after my granddaughter, Kelsea was born. Those of you that know me, are very familiar with this item. Over a three year period I have done very well selling them. Most of my customers are from word of mouth. I also have a My Space page for this item, and other various items. I have seriously made more that 300 of them. This useful item is what I shower gift to all of the new mommies I know!
My cousin Diana, who lives in Arizona, also sells under the Eletent name, with my permission!!!

Fast forward....A few months ago I gifted an Eletent to what I thought was a good friend of Dana, a member of her church, and someone that Dana's MIL took under her wing while she was living here. She treated her like a daughter, gave her a great job, and gave her a baby shower too, just before she moved back to Utah. She too was given an Eletent for her shower, made to coordinate with her daughter's car seat. I even taught her how to make head bands and bows for her new baby. Well, it appears she and her mother were so impressed with the Eletent that they decided to custom make the same item......fine with me. I have no problem with crafty people doing crafty things. It's the American see something and think, "I can make those" Some people follow through, and then some don't.... no problem. Where I have a problem is when SHE MAKES THE ITEM AND MARKETS IT UNDER THE SAME NAME AS I NAMED MY ITEM!!!!
Yes, I am flaming mad!!!!!!!

So, if you, and you know who you are, happen to come upon this blog, decide to do the RIGHT thing .... rename your item....make it your own...please, feel free to send me the labels you have, with a bill for their cost, I will gladly pay you for them. I will also wish you very good luck with your sales of whatever you creatively decide to name YOUR item! It's a big world and the opportunities are unending.


The Gustafson Family said...

You couldn't have said it better!!! It's not is called speaking the truth! I hope this particular someone does the right thing.

Kelly said...

That is UNBELIEVABLE! They should be embarrassed and ashamed of themselves - using the cute name YOU CREATED and acting like it was theirs. You have every right to be flaming mad!

Jan said...

Thanks for the support! I do appreciate it!

The Picketts said...

AMEN!!!!!!!! I think you should send a link of this blog to her!!!!! So she can REALLY feel bad! (Maybe not, she probably doesn't have a conscience since she's already STOLEN from you!)