Monday, September 1, 2008

B-B-Q @ The Rogina's

Laci called and invited me, as well as Dana's family out to dinner. So we all went out and had a very yummy meal. Laci made potato salad and Matt barbecued asparagus and hamburgers. It was DELISH! We watched a little TV and played with the kids. Here we are playing with playdough.

It is so funny to watch the boys, they are all over the place, they kind of do a crawl-breaststroke- lunge. Quinn is trying to pull himself up on some things. He also has a thing for princesses! He just loves his sisters little princess couch.Mackenzi is such a little dancer and singer. She sings almost non stop. If music comes on, you can be sure she is gonna shake her booty! Today I tried to get it on tape...

Okay, so maybe today wasn't a good day for singing and dancing. You can be sure I'll try again, she is just too cute not to! Oh, she was singing "Living on a Prayer"

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The Gustafson Family said...

Oh that Kenzi pie is so talented!!! I love love the singing!! Glad you had a great day with your girls. Family time is always wonderful (well maybe not mine...ha!) Ok truth be want to know the real reason why I haven't posted vacation pictures??!!!? Any free time I have on the puter is spent readying that blog you found,,ugh..had to start at the begining like you. I am through June so hopefully I can get back to my updates!! hah...anyways hope all is well...need to come see Nana soon!!