Sunday, March 13, 2016

1985 - Fast Forward - 2016

 Dana was 6,  in 1985, when she started T-Ball. 
Jerry, her daddy, was one of her coaches. 
I handmade the banner out of felt.
 It had little white pom poms for the baseballs and mini wooden bats.
Each bear had a players name on the hat.

Jerry and Dana

This year Camden is once again playing T-ball. 
He is on the same team as his Mommy was. 

I wonder if Camden would be willing to let me snap a picture of him in his uniform,
 with pearls on, 
just like his mom ?


Saturday, March 12, 2016

Almost Spring

I love this time of year. Winter is almost over, Southern California doesn't really have winter, and spring is here. We've been lucky to have a few days of rain. With the severe drought we are in, any amount is precious. The plants are loving the rain. 
I love the shades of green from new growth. 

I'm waiting for the sweet smell of Jasmine

Beautiful shades of green

This Gardenia will soon be loaded with fragrant white flowers

The beginning of a snowball

Very soon this plant will be a giant mass of green
with white snowballs covering theses brown stems.

I love this Cecil Brunner rose paired with pink Jasmine

I love working in the yards.
It calms me.
 I do some of my best thinking, troubleshooting, and problem solving, in the outdoors.
I love my space.
I have planted a variety of seeds,
 I am anxious for those signs of tiny growth promising
 a riot of color in a few weeks.

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Today I Read My Blog, Again

It's been quite some time since I have posted. Today a memory came up on my Facebook page that referred to an old blog post. I came back to visit. I was skipping around, read several old posts, and realized that I had forgotten some on the things I posted. I enjoyed reading my posts! Perhaps it's time for me to document things going on in my life again. We'll see how this goes!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Big Dreams

In the quiet times ....
I think. 
A lot!
 Random thoughts, 
troubleshooting life's dilemmas, 
 and contemplating how fortunate I am. 
Recently, in doing all of the above, I was remembering back to my young self. 
A young girl 
that loved kids and babies
too young, in others minds, to be considered a baby sitter. 
 My friends were already babysitting. 
They were the older siblings of large families. 
Perhaps that fact made them more desirable. 
 I would dream of all the tools I needed.
high chairs
pack n plays
 I would use the sun room in our home to make a fun place to babysit.
 it came to me
 My young girl dreams came true! 
 I lived this dream. 
Not so much as a young girl.
 In fact,
 long after my own babies were grown.
Sparked by the need for someone to watch a new sweet baby boy.
More were added until I had a house full, 
of sweet babies!
With a yard full of toys and rooms packed with toys, 
pack n plays, 
high chairs
and some of the sweetest kids ever, 
I spent my days doing just what I had wanted many years ago.

Braeden, Mackenzi, Nathan, Toria, Alison, Tori, Hannah, Jaina, Niko, Izel, Avery, Anthony and Michael. 
Dreams do come true. 
I have been blessed!