Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are you Kidding?

We live in what used to be a little bedroom community...years ago! Today it is a major city with the population to prove it. So, today when I came home from work, and went in the kitchen to feed my fur person, I never imagined THIS would be trying to jump through the slider and into my kitchen!
It kept turning around as if it was leaving, then running back to jump higher! It was cute for about 2 times....then I showed it who was boss and chased it..... up the tree! So not OK with me. That's the tree my Little's like to climb. This yard is NOT squirrel friendly....
****Note to Mr. Squirrel*****
Please leave us alone, we have a pet already, and kids that claim that tree as their own.
Thank you!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Moving Right Along

We are half way done with the floor in this picture. This is what the finished floor looks like. Part of the work bench wall installedJerry is working hard on putting all his treasures away.
We're almost there...I hope!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cleaning House!

It was bound to happen. Clearing everything out of the garage to complete the painted floor and cabinet install has opened a can of worms. You know how that happens..right? One thing gets tided up and then you move right onto the next thing. Well, I have been cleaning up my shed and outdoor things. I have had these tables and chairs for several years. They are still in great condition. We have 6 tables and at least 24 chairs, could be as many as 30. Also several different patterned tablecloths x 6. Time to sell them! I'm putting lots of things on Craig's list . I thought I'd also put them up here to see if any of you local people are interested in them. This group includes 6 tables, 24 chairs, and at least 18 tablecloths..all for $150.00.
Do you have or know someone with a home daycare? Would you like to have the kids that visit you love to play at your house? Are your kids bored? Next on my list of things to go are all the outdoor play structures and toys. I had a Family home daycare for several years, and grand kids that were here visiting quite often. The daycare kids have been gone for several years and the grand kids are not here as often as they used to be. Quite frankly, I'm tired of moving all these toys to do yard work. The toy brands are Fisher Price, Step 2, and Little Tykes.

Some fading has occurred but all items are in very good shape. I would like to sell all as a group. I'm asking $400.00 for all. I will split the items, message me for individual prices. I'm off to post all on Craig's List. Have a great Saturday!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Borrowed From Our Daughters Private Blog



We're almost 14 weeks along.
Baby Gus #3 is due February 14, 2011

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Biting Off More Than We Can Chew?

Updated today
Here is a picture of day 2! We are hoping for the second coat of paint tomorrow, then painting the floor on Wednesday!!

Who signed me up for this job?...and what were we thinking? The hub's got some slightly used cabinets from work that he wanted to put in his garage man cave. Then for Fathers Day he got some gift certificates for Home Depot. Perfect, while he is re-doing the cabinets he wants to put new flooring, that epoxy paint with the colored paint chips in it, on the floor. Nice....NOT! That means everything has to come out of the garage. The last time we did major work in the garage was about 20 years ago. He has had commercial carpet in there since then...and many years of treasures! Friday while I was out at our daughters house he started "unloading" the garage. This is what the driveway looked like this morning.
...and the garage.
Who needs 9 ice chests? I know, you only see 8, but trust me, #9 is in the mess out there. It's too big to fit on this shelf.
We have EVERYTHING moved to the driveway. All the carpet is removed. I think we are CRAZY. This man has at least 2 of every tool ever made!
This is what it looks like now.
The bright side of this updated look is the walls are already finished, as well as all the electrical. It just needs a fresh coat of paint.
The "new to us" cabinets we are installing match these gray ones he got a few years ago.
The driveway is filled, 10 feet wide by at least 30 feet long of man contents!
Oh my, I sure hope this is a quick job. This mess is bound to drive me insane!
Updates to follow!