Saturday, August 7, 2010

Cleaning House!

It was bound to happen. Clearing everything out of the garage to complete the painted floor and cabinet install has opened a can of worms. You know how that happens..right? One thing gets tided up and then you move right onto the next thing. Well, I have been cleaning up my shed and outdoor things. I have had these tables and chairs for several years. They are still in great condition. We have 6 tables and at least 24 chairs, could be as many as 30. Also several different patterned tablecloths x 6. Time to sell them! I'm putting lots of things on Craig's list . I thought I'd also put them up here to see if any of you local people are interested in them. This group includes 6 tables, 24 chairs, and at least 18 tablecloths..all for $150.00.
Do you have or know someone with a home daycare? Would you like to have the kids that visit you love to play at your house? Are your kids bored? Next on my list of things to go are all the outdoor play structures and toys. I had a Family home daycare for several years, and grand kids that were here visiting quite often. The daycare kids have been gone for several years and the grand kids are not here as often as they used to be. Quite frankly, I'm tired of moving all these toys to do yard work. The toy brands are Fisher Price, Step 2, and Little Tykes.

Some fading has occurred but all items are in very good shape. I would like to sell all as a group. I'm asking $400.00 for all. I will split the items, message me for individual prices. I'm off to post all on Craig's List. Have a great Saturday!


Amy said...

Wow. This is awesome! Makes me wish that I lived close AND that I had kids. That's a lot of fun right there!

Holly Strickland said...

Hi, I'm a friend of Manuela's. I was wondering how much the last two (the pirate ship and fire truck) and also the structure with the slides are. I can most likely only afford one, so individual prices would be great! my email is
Thank you!

The Gustafson Family said...

How much is the play structure with the slides.. I would be interested in it...if it isn't taken..

The Andrew's said...

I want it lol! I wish My husband would let me! Haha he will tell me to work on the kids first! :)

Alessandra said...

hello! im curious in the structure with the 2 pink slides and the was wondering if the kitchen/grill toy is for bigger kids or little ones? it looks like its for taller kids maybe... thanks so much!! :)