Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Are you Kidding?

We live in what used to be a little bedroom community...years ago! Today it is a major city with the population to prove it. So, today when I came home from work, and went in the kitchen to feed my fur person, I never imagined THIS would be trying to jump through the slider and into my kitchen!
It kept turning around as if it was leaving, then running back to jump higher! It was cute for about 2 times....then I showed it who was boss and chased it..... up the tree! So not OK with me. That's the tree my Little's like to climb. This yard is NOT squirrel friendly....
****Note to Mr. Squirrel*****
Please leave us alone, we have a pet already, and kids that claim that tree as their own.
Thank you!


Melissa said...

Oh no... my parents and my in-laws have been having trouble with squirrels for the first time. :(

Amy said...

Ha. That's a cute little squirrel though, I'm sure it will go away soon (fingers crossed!!).

The Andrew's said...

Haha That is cute! Kindof weird that it would be trying to get into your house!!!! Maybe you could tame it and make it kid friendly?? :)

Artist Terri Smith said...

Oh My Goodness..but you have to admit this is the cutest squirrel ever! Couldn't get over it peering right at you through the glass. :))

Thank you so much for your visit earlier. It makes me so happy to know you're liking my newest creations.

Hugs of love and sunshine,