Sunday, August 1, 2010

Biting Off More Than We Can Chew?

Updated today
Here is a picture of day 2! We are hoping for the second coat of paint tomorrow, then painting the floor on Wednesday!!

Who signed me up for this job?...and what were we thinking? The hub's got some slightly used cabinets from work that he wanted to put in his garage man cave. Then for Fathers Day he got some gift certificates for Home Depot. Perfect, while he is re-doing the cabinets he wants to put new flooring, that epoxy paint with the colored paint chips in it, on the floor. Nice....NOT! That means everything has to come out of the garage. The last time we did major work in the garage was about 20 years ago. He has had commercial carpet in there since then...and many years of treasures! Friday while I was out at our daughters house he started "unloading" the garage. This is what the driveway looked like this morning.
...and the garage.
Who needs 9 ice chests? I know, you only see 8, but trust me, #9 is in the mess out there. It's too big to fit on this shelf.
We have EVERYTHING moved to the driveway. All the carpet is removed. I think we are CRAZY. This man has at least 2 of every tool ever made!
This is what it looks like now.
The bright side of this updated look is the walls are already finished, as well as all the electrical. It just needs a fresh coat of paint.
The "new to us" cabinets we are installing match these gray ones he got a few years ago.
The driveway is filled, 10 feet wide by at least 30 feet long of man contents!
Oh my, I sure hope this is a quick job. This mess is bound to drive me insane!
Updates to follow!


The Gustafson Family said...

I bought Greg that epoxy stuff over 2 years ago...he is yet to put it in...because of that reason...everything has to come out!!! Can't wait to see what the finished project looks like!

Dana said...

I bet you'll do SUCH a good job that you can come over and do ours next! Why, thanks for offering!!!

Anonymous said...

Then after you get the additional experience from doing Dana's garage, you can come and show me how it's done in my garage. Jan, you say Jerry has double tools, but I am sure you have double material, ribbons, paints etc., right?

Jan said...

Point taken, however I have to cram all my "craft things" into a 2 x 6 closet...and he has a 20 x 22 garage. So as the saying goes "he who has more toys wins"...he is the winner!

Amy said...

Wow! Big project, you guys did a lot of work! Nice job!!