Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Beautiful Sunday

Being able to hang things on the line
 almost makes up for the pool being gone.
I love the sweet smell of sun-kissed laundry!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Time for a New Look

Late last year it seems that I had used up all my storage space on Blogger.
 I thought I was done blogging. 
So,  I deleted a few blogs that I really wasn't updating. 
I guess it was enough to free up some space!
 So here I am....for however long it lasts!
 This is my newest project.
 In December we bought a new piece of furniture, 
the couch/futon/guest bed on the left. 
Previously we were using the hide a bed love seat on the right...yeah the one ready to go out the door.

This year one of my goals is to repaint/freshen up all the rooms in our home. 

This room is the first to be checked off the list.



 I have a few things to add to this room, however, the hard part is complete!

 I love the soft blues and greens. It feels so calming to me.

I'm undecided on the wall treatment the for the wall behind the couch. 
I'll let you know when I decide!