Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's Sunday and There's Good News

Also we are home from the river. We had a nice weekend away from home. It started at 4:30 Friday morning. We started out with Jerry driving. We needed to be in Havasu by 8:30 or 9:00 for an appointment for the boat. About 45 minutes into the ride Jerry had to pull over and I had to drive. He could not stay awake. We made it to the boat shop in plenty of time. They couldn't seem to fix the problem, so...we left it and will have to go back for it when the problem is fixed. As we were driving away, we could see helicopters flying very low over the lake, 3 of them. We decided to go see what they were all about. Nothing exciting, just a boat parade. It seems that this weekend there was to be a big boat race, I think it's called Desert Storm or something like that. Walking back to the truck I spotted a lady bug in the grass! I have never seen one in the desert! We went to the trailer and spent the day just being lazy.

We went out to dinner here. Look how the wind was blowing! This morning we decided to watch the sun come up. The river is so serene early, before the day starts, before the personal watercraft, before the boats, before the loud music. When all you hear is wildlife...birds of all kinds welcoming the new day, now that's sweet music. We also did a little fishing. Yesterday Jerry caught a really good sized Carp, it was a fighter! He no sooner got it on shore and it spit the hook and swam away. Saved Jerry from having to remove the hook! Sorry, no pictures of that one, however........This morning as we were fishing....look at what I caught. Jerry is holding it because I would not be caught dead touching one of those slimy things! Love to fish, hate the smell and feel!!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flashback Friday, Early Edition

Since we are going to the river VERY early I posted an early edition of FBF.
This picture was taken on Havasu in 1966. My brothers Tom and Mike are in the boat with me.This is a well worn picture of our morning catch. My dad and I used to get up early and go down on the docks and fish, just the two of us. If I remember right I caught most of the catch on this particular day.
Jump forward a few years and these beauties are my babies. Feeding the ducks on the same stretch of beach their babies now play on!

And here they are!

Our Home Phone

If anyone has been trying to call us, our phone has had no dial tone since yesterday morning. The answering machine picks up on the first ring. I can access our messages from a cell phone if you do leave a message though. Please call on one of our cell phones if you need to talk to us. Verizon is working on getting our problem fixed. They promised to complete the job by Saturday @5PM.

What a Week!

Boy, was this a nice week. We started out with a big heatwave. We were very close to being in the triple digits. That is SO NOT nice spring weather! I'm glad is has calmed down to cooler days. I had a really good week, so much fun. Monday I spent the day in Newport Beach, it was not much cooler there though. Tuesday Laci and the kids came to visit. We had a good time and lunched out at Bob's Big Boy.... Yum. Wednesday I was so happy to have cooler weather. I traded the air conditioner for open windows and fresh breezy air! I had the bug! The spring cleaning bug. I washed windows, as well as the curtains, in the living room. Cleaned all the wood floors. Vacuumed all the rooms, and changed sheets. Caught up on all the laundry and ironing...whew! what a day! I love productive days like that. Then after Jerry got home we headed out to go see EARTH with the Gustafson's. Braeden and Kelsea came home with us for a sleep over. Today was another nice day, and much cooler, almost 40 degrees cooler than the beginning of the week. Dana, the kids, and I went shopping for dresses for Kelsea. We had lunch out again, this time we went to Norm's. Ever since Norm's moved into the old Steak Corral building, the kids have wanted to eat there...well today was the day! To end this week, early tomorrow we are headed out to the river again. We had a part on the boat repaired in Havasu. I picked it up last Friday. Jerry can't get it to work so he called the guy who repaired it and he said to bring it on by in the off we go, taking the boat this time. Funny, I just had a flash of a t-shirt I used to have. It read "How do you spell relief?".....R I V E R hahahahaha See ya!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter 2009

Today was such a beautiful day. We went out to Dana and Kevin's house. Jerry, Penny, Tom V, and I went to spend the day with the Fontana residents. The weather was perfect. This past weeks clouds cleared and and were replaced with blue skies and a gentle breeze. The boys were playing on the putting green.The girls were getting into their swim suits for a soak in the hot tub. New swim suits with new funny! The kids had an Easter egg hunt too.
We had great food, and really stuffed ourselves!
Laci made this oh so cute bunny cake.Braeden had another loose tooth and Boppa pulled it for him, so the Tooth Fairy will be visiting again tonight. I hope you all had a wonderful day too!

Friday, April 10, 2009

I Live With an Old Man!

Not that I'm a young chick. I'm just sayin.... Today is Jerry's birthday. He is now 62! Seems like yesterday when I met him and he was 29. I thought he was old then! We had a really nice day. We had a quiet morning, went to Chili's for lunch. Came home and he took a nap in his chair. I hear old people do that. I started getting things ready for our dinner at home with all the kids. For dinner we had spaghetti with tomato sauce, meatballs, pasta with white sauce, salad, and cheese bread. Cake and ice cream for desert. Our house was full. Tom, Penny, Laci, Matt and the kids, Dana, Kevin and the kids, Ryan, Terri and the kids minus Jonah. Quinn, Boppa, Jace, and Mackenzi Penny, Ryan, Allie, Andrew, Mackenzi, Boppa, Kelsea,and Braeden. Missing from the picture are Jonah, Jace, and Quinn.
Singing happy birthday, the kids all had their own cupcake with their own candles to make a wish with. We love it when all the kids are together....we had a very nice day! Happy birthday Jerry!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Silly Boy and a Shabby Kitty

This is a story of a little boy. He spent his week days with his Nana. He fell in love with a soft little kitty that lived at Nana's house, and was actually not a kitty at all. It was a snow leopard, but to a wee little boy, a kitty. What should his name be? Why Kitty, of course, said this one year old little boy! And he loved him daily. Kitty was always found tucked under his boys arm, playing in the yard, watching TV, and even while swimming.

Last month Kitty was here on a visit with his boy. A few days later, after he could not be found, I was called to search my home and garden for Kitty. Nope, he was not here, and the boy was sad! He was missing his Kitty so! His Mama held him and tried to calm his tears, and fears. "We will find Kitty soon"..... And he was still lost, the Kitty, and the boy without, his Kitty! His Nana was hurting for this boy, and his Mama, that were missing the kitty so terribly. She searched the Internet until she found a new Kitty. Hooray!!! This will make my little boy so happy, and the Kitty was delivered. This little boy tried with all his might to love this kitty that kind of looked like his faithful Kitty. But...he was too small, and he didn't like his whiskers, and he just wasn't the same, and he was sad! So, Nana got back on the Internet searching for the right sized kitty. She was told that the little kitty was a Beanie Baby kitty and that the original kitty was a "Classic TY Snow Leopard". This man had one more in stock, and he was delivered! But this new bigger kitty was still not right. Our boy tried to be happy about this kitty but his spots were larger, the kitty was fluffier and still it wasn't HIS Kitty!

Well the boys Mama was organizing the pantry today and when she moved some things on the way up high top shelf.......Kitty was just sitting there, in a bucket, waiting for his boy to come back for him! It seems the boy was hiding Kitty from his sister! He climbed up on a high chair to find the special hiding place where she would never find Kitty, and he too, forgot where he hid him!

Our boy can be found watching TV, eating dinner, and just about now , sound asleep with his faithful Kitty locked up under his arm.

Right. where. he. belongs!

Now, is it any wonder that not one of these kitties would take Kitty's place? They do not even remotely look like our favorite Kitty!
And the boy, and his Mama, were HAPPY!
The boy also thinks that his Kitty now has a wife and a baby! They are the Kitty Family!

Friday, April 3, 2009

Home again

Home again, jiggity jig, I'm off to Fontana to watch three cute kids! Have a great Friday.