Thursday, April 23, 2009

What a Week!

Boy, was this a nice week. We started out with a big heatwave. We were very close to being in the triple digits. That is SO NOT nice spring weather! I'm glad is has calmed down to cooler days. I had a really good week, so much fun. Monday I spent the day in Newport Beach, it was not much cooler there though. Tuesday Laci and the kids came to visit. We had a good time and lunched out at Bob's Big Boy.... Yum. Wednesday I was so happy to have cooler weather. I traded the air conditioner for open windows and fresh breezy air! I had the bug! The spring cleaning bug. I washed windows, as well as the curtains, in the living room. Cleaned all the wood floors. Vacuumed all the rooms, and changed sheets. Caught up on all the laundry and ironing...whew! what a day! I love productive days like that. Then after Jerry got home we headed out to go see EARTH with the Gustafson's. Braeden and Kelsea came home with us for a sleep over. Today was another nice day, and much cooler, almost 40 degrees cooler than the beginning of the week. Dana, the kids, and I went shopping for dresses for Kelsea. We had lunch out again, this time we went to Norm's. Ever since Norm's moved into the old Steak Corral building, the kids have wanted to eat there...well today was the day! To end this week, early tomorrow we are headed out to the river again. We had a part on the boat repaired in Havasu. I picked it up last Friday. Jerry can't get it to work so he called the guy who repaired it and he said to bring it on by in the off we go, taking the boat this time. Funny, I just had a flash of a t-shirt I used to have. It read "How do you spell relief?".....R I V E R hahahahaha See ya!


Sweet Grandma Rita said...

How fun to hear how your week went. I love to hear about the day to day things that in some ways seem so ordinary, yet are so special and meaningful when in later years you look back on them. They are what the memories of life are made of. Big happenings like Marriages, births and even deaths are recorded on carmeras and in our hearts. But your real life in everyday experiences are what makes everything worthwhile as the big things are not often enough to make life what you want it to be. Thank YOu Jan!

Laci said...

Hey, next time you get the "bug" come on over to my house!! Have fun at the river!!