Sunday, April 26, 2009

It's Sunday and There's Good News

Also we are home from the river. We had a nice weekend away from home. It started at 4:30 Friday morning. We started out with Jerry driving. We needed to be in Havasu by 8:30 or 9:00 for an appointment for the boat. About 45 minutes into the ride Jerry had to pull over and I had to drive. He could not stay awake. We made it to the boat shop in plenty of time. They couldn't seem to fix the problem, so...we left it and will have to go back for it when the problem is fixed. As we were driving away, we could see helicopters flying very low over the lake, 3 of them. We decided to go see what they were all about. Nothing exciting, just a boat parade. It seems that this weekend there was to be a big boat race, I think it's called Desert Storm or something like that. Walking back to the truck I spotted a lady bug in the grass! I have never seen one in the desert! We went to the trailer and spent the day just being lazy.

We went out to dinner here. Look how the wind was blowing! This morning we decided to watch the sun come up. The river is so serene early, before the day starts, before the personal watercraft, before the boats, before the loud music. When all you hear is wildlife...birds of all kinds welcoming the new day, now that's sweet music. We also did a little fishing. Yesterday Jerry caught a really good sized Carp, it was a fighter! He no sooner got it on shore and it spit the hook and swam away. Saved Jerry from having to remove the hook! Sorry, no pictures of that one, however........This morning as we were fishing....look at what I caught. Jerry is holding it because I would not be caught dead touching one of those slimy things! Love to fish, hate the smell and feel!!


Mamabee said...

How relaxing! I guess it was worth missing our Friday night slumber party for a weekend at the river! Poor embarassing!!! =O Too bad... he'll probably never know that you posted such a "lovely" picture of him because he can't figure out how to navigate to your blog!

The Picketts said...

Looks like so much fun! We were talking about the River this morning and hopefully sometime before you "close up" for the fall/winter, we'll be able to make it out there again. At this point, I'm too chicken to be too far from home! :o) I'm glad you had a relaxing weekend! You deserve it!

Melissa said...

Hi Jan! Looks like you had a nice time! Good for you! Eric and I have always loved the early mornings out there too!