Sunday, August 30, 2009

Nature at it's Best

This weekend Jerry and I went to my parents house near Yosemite. Here are a few pictures of the wild life around their home. My dad feeds the hummingbirds. They are abundant and love the sweet nectar he provides for them.

You might want to turn on the sound for this video.

There were two Doe's and this Buck that visited the area on their property where they lay out alfalfa for them. The girls didn't stick around for very long, but this guy kept stopping long enough for me to get a few pictures.

Wait...This is NOT wild life....
.....this is THE life!

Ah, nothing better than an afternoon nappy nap watching TV!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Flashback Friday, Family Reunion Style

These photos were from some of the early years of our Anderson family reunions.
In this first picture I think I was 5 or 6 holding Dawn, what cuties we were!
Yikes! What is going on with my hair. I think Bob has always been my favorite part of the reunions! He really is such a sweet guy!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Monday, August 17, 2009

Speaking of Jobs!

Guess who has a new one
The Monrovia location. Grand Opening on September 30th.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

All in a Days Work

I like crafts. I like to keep busy. I have many hobbies, including sewing, crocheting, and making hair bows. Making bows has become an almost daily job. I have this friend named Tracy. She has bought bows from me in the past. Her little girl Emily just started kindergarten and was in need of new bows. Tracy contacted me and asked if I did Bow Party', I have never had a bow party. Well today was my first bow party, at Tracy's home. She had some of her friends over for lunch....and bows! I had a very nice day. Thanks ladies for the purchases, and a special thanks to Tracy for hosting my first bow party!
I was kind of rushed to get home because I had a 5:00 appointment for Kathi to come by and purchase 3 Eletents. Another thanks goes out to Christi I. for sending business my way!

Today was a great day at work!

FYI...I did not crochet the hats!

My Silly Kids

Oh, fur kids that is. Yes, they have found a new place to sleep. It seems they like laundry baskets with their (or my, that they now claim) freshly washed bedding inside.
Cruiser Time to go to bed, in their baskets, like good fur kids!

The Shades of Summer

In the early morning hours, as the sun is peeking over the horizon, would you agree the shades of color are at the days finest? That is, until dawn is competing with dusk! It appears the beginnings of change, in the season, has begun.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Flashback Friday

This picture is of me with two of my cousins. Linda is on the left, Lori on the right, somtime in the early 60's.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

You've Got to be Kidding Me!

Do you ever have a moment in your busy day that you look around and think, "You've GOT to be kidding me?!?" I'm sure you do. So, play along in Laci's blog carnival. It'll be fun...come on!

Yesterday I went to Auto Club to take care of a few things. Jerry reminded me to take the checkbook. Auto Club is one of the few major businesses that only take cash or check. Who doesn't honor a debit card? So, checkbook in hand I wait for the total of today's bill. As she was finishing up, the lady told me the price of my transaction. Wow, that was really inexpensive...and I just pay with cash. I make a few more stops on the way home, Sam's Club and Jo Ann. When I get home I gather the receipts out of my purse and go to the computer desk (this is where my checkbook lives since I always debit or pay with cash) to enter the receipts in the checkbook. OMG!!!! I don't have it! Where did I leave it? I have that sinking feeling in the pit on my gut! As I write this I am anxiously waiting for AAA to open....I'm hoping I left it there and it missed me as much as I missed it overnight!

I'll update on it's whereabouts, if and when I find it!


So, after finishing this post I chat with Jerry for a few minutes talking about what today's plans are for me. I get up to start the day with a shower. As I open the linen closet.....WHAT!!!!!

Repeat after me...I am not getting old! I would never misplace my check book, and I certainly would never put it in the linen closet.....well there was that one time I found the tax bill in the freezer...... but that, I can explain!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First Days...

Hi Everyone!
It's Braeden! My mom is helping me write this note. I am a kindergartener now! I love school, at least the first three days of school. I want you to know that when I was just a little guy my mom worked. She was a teacher and left me at home with Nana to go and teach bigger kids. My Nana took very good care of me while Mama was gone. Now that I'm in school, I'm busy and having fun. Lots of people helped me learn when I was a little guy, especially Nana. I want Nana and all her blogging friends to know how much I love her. I'm glad she got up really early and drove to our house so she could go with me on my first day of school. I was happy she was there. She gave me hugs and kisses and let me know I'd be okay. (Mama says Nana probably did the same thing to me on Mama's first day back to work after I was born--I was 3 months old). Nanny, remember...I get bigger each day. Even when I'm 15 you can still hold me and cuddle and kiss me!Love, Braeden

Friday, August 7, 2009

Flashback Friday

Earlier this week I was reading one of the blogs I follow. This family was on vacation and their kids were in a candy store, getting treats. Their daughter didn't want candy, she wanted this unusual toy, a smoking baby. She took it all over with her until it basically lost it's head.
This story was a hoot. It got me to thinking of a very old photo. I WAS the original smoking baby! This was taken in 1959 or 1960, I'm not sure of my age but I look to be 1 or 2 years old. It must have been a wild party is all I can say. Amazing, what was funny in the 60's. I did smoke for a 20 few years but I never did drink! I wore two pairs of glasses then, now I just wear bi-focal glasses!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


It's Thursday and that means it's the day for the: You Have Got To Be Kidding Me post. Laci over at A Little Bit Crazy, A Whole Lot Of Love has a blog carnival today. We've all had one of those moments, won't you join in on the fun?

This past week, Jerry and I were driving on a major street near our home. We often hear the screeching of tires when people are not paying attention and are traveling too fast for this problem intersection. Needless to say, a lot of crashes happen in this spot. So, we are stopped at a red light, at the intersection just before the problem intersection. We are in the slow lane and next to us is another car. The light turns green and this car speeds off like there is a fire somewhere. I'm looking ahead to the "problem intersection" and the light is red! You know what thought is coming next.....You've got to be kidding me! Where does that car think it's gonna go? In my mind I see and accident in the making. Suddenly the driver sees what's going to happen and SLAMS on the brakes! Whew, that was a close one. We creep up to the stop, look over to the other car and who is driving? You know the cartoon Maxine? If it wasn't her namesake I'm shocked! Also I'm thinking she probably needs to wipe about now. So the light changes and we both start to go. I am getting ready to get on the freeway and I can't see her in my rear view mirror, she should have passed our on ramp already. As I make the loop and am looking forward again I spot her! Get this....SHE IS STOPPED AT THE GREEN LIGHT! Seriously there comes a time when loving family members need to take away the keys and start driving for our elderly family members!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Monday, August 3, 2009

Monday at the Beach

Today I went to the beach with the Gus family. It was a beautiful day on the coast. The kids had a great time playing "tag" with the waves. It was all fun until Kelsea got hammered by a wave. That ended her fun in the water. She was still playing tag, but she was 20 feet away from the water and still running to get away from them, so funny. I love the last picture!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Shadow Dancing

These were taken on the day of our sleepover, the girls were dancing with their shadows. I was so cute to watch them skip and twirl, all while trying to keep their darkened likeness within their eyesight!