Saturday, August 1, 2009

Shadow Dancing

These were taken on the day of our sleepover, the girls were dancing with their shadows. I was so cute to watch them skip and twirl, all while trying to keep their darkened likeness within their eyesight!


Landon & Kayla said...

That is too cute! Those little girls have the cutest personalities!!! They are lucky so have such a fun Nanna!!!!

Helene said...

How adorable!!! My kids do the same thing, except they try to step on each other's shadows! I just laugh hysterically when they try so hard to keep up with the shadows but they can't, obviously, and they have no clue why!!

BTW, is that your front yard??? I'm so envious....all that lush green grass and the white picket fence? It seems like it's out of a dream I had once!

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Melissa said...

Aawww... such cute pictures! :)