Thursday, August 13, 2009

You've Got to be Kidding Me!

Do you ever have a moment in your busy day that you look around and think, "You've GOT to be kidding me?!?" I'm sure you do. So, play along in Laci's blog carnival. It'll be fun...come on!

Yesterday I went to Auto Club to take care of a few things. Jerry reminded me to take the checkbook. Auto Club is one of the few major businesses that only take cash or check. Who doesn't honor a debit card? So, checkbook in hand I wait for the total of today's bill. As she was finishing up, the lady told me the price of my transaction. Wow, that was really inexpensive...and I just pay with cash. I make a few more stops on the way home, Sam's Club and Jo Ann. When I get home I gather the receipts out of my purse and go to the computer desk (this is where my checkbook lives since I always debit or pay with cash) to enter the receipts in the checkbook. OMG!!!! I don't have it! Where did I leave it? I have that sinking feeling in the pit on my gut! As I write this I am anxiously waiting for AAA to open....I'm hoping I left it there and it missed me as much as I missed it overnight!

I'll update on it's whereabouts, if and when I find it!


So, after finishing this post I chat with Jerry for a few minutes talking about what today's plans are for me. I get up to start the day with a shower. As I open the linen closet.....WHAT!!!!!

Repeat after me...I am not getting old! I would never misplace my check book, and I certainly would never put it in the linen closet.....well there was that one time I found the tax bill in the freezer...... but that, I can explain!


Laci said...

Haha...that's funny. Did you forget your nutty pills again? Or maybe you should start doing crossword keep your mind young, ya know. HA HA! Just kidding, you'r mind IS young. Just silly at times! I'm glad you found it! :)

Mamabee said...

This story makes my stomach hurt. My hards are sweaty and I feel like im gonna throw up! I HATE THAT FEELING!!!! I'm glad you found it...crazy spot and all! :)

Lopez Life said...

That's funny! There's a spot in my "home" I work at!!! LOL

Lopez Life said...

Just kidding!

kackieb said...

We're all in the same mold. I'm telling my Mom to look in her linen closet. Her checkbook has been missing for 2 weeks. She's
90, you know!!