Saturday, February 27, 2010

My Guest Bathroom is My Palette

Yes, I have so much fun with this room. I change the decor for just about all the seasons and every special holiday! Most everything is white on white, making it very easy to achieve a new look, with a little imagination. This month was a heart theme...for Valentines Day! For March I decided to skip the St Patrick's Day theme and focus on green instead. Come on in, check it out!

So, I guess I did sneak in a little luck- double luck, a shamrock and a ladybug!

Re-Purposed Room

During my time as a daycare provider, this room had it all. All meaning, everything you could possibly need or want for a child. All the kids refer to this room as the toy room. Boy are they going to be surprised! This room is no longer for kids. It's the room I love to hang out in. Here are a few before and after pictures.
The closet, lots of organized storage in here, as well as the computer. Looks like I forgot to tidy up the power cords. It's now on the to-do list!
The rainbow wall is just as beautiful as before, it now holds pictures of all my grandkids.

I painted the window box to match the green colors in the room.
All the cubbies that are used for storage got new labels.
I am happy with the new look, and no need to worry, there are still toys hiding in this room for the kids to play with when they visit!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Flashback Friday

This picture was taken about a month before the boys were born. It's one of my very favorite pictures!Two years ago our sweet little baby boys came into this world, a little early, but very healthy.Because I'm the Nana, I can sneak into this post about the boys.Jace and Quinn at their birthday party for their 1st birthday.Last week we went to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth. If you ask me, the happiest place on earth is wherever all of my grand kids are. Happy second Birthday Jace and Quinn!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

More on the Toy Room

So....I was quite sad to be painting over the walls in the kids toy room. However, I'm very ready for a change in there.
It appears that I'm a little rusty in the paint department. The day started off ALL wrong. One delay after the another. I'm a planner or at least I used to be.
I like to have all the supplies I need so on the day work is to begin I have it all, no running back and forth to the hardware store. This time it didn't happen. In fact you'd have thought Jerry Lewis was coaching me on the finer techniques of painting. I was holding the paint tray, on the ladder, cutting in the ceiling when Jerry, not Lewis, came in and started yelling for me to stop. It seems I was not holding the tray level and I was pouring the paint down my leg and all over the floor. As we were cleaning up the mess, I went to move the ladder and guess what? Yup...I knocked over the whole can of paint. Jerry, being the good husband, came to the rescue to help me clean this even bigger mess, was he mad.....look at the closer picture. Mad that his screw driver was in the middle of the mess, not cool! Luckily we covered the whole room in plastic and no harm was done. I did have to go buy another gallon of paint though.
This morning I have a few "holidays" to fix, finish the closet, and paint the trim. I'm hoping for a better day today. Wish me luck!


Most of the grand kids were here on Thursday. They had a little Valentines day party. They had lunch, did crafts, some semi napped, then it was off to Disneyland.
These are the leftovers.
Happy Valentines Day to all!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Things are Changing, I'm Re-Arranging

This just happens to be my favorite room in the house. This little room is chock full of memories and good times. When my girls were still living at home this was Laci's bedroom. Later, after she got married and moved out, this room changed into a toy room/office. I had a family home daycare for almost 5 years. When I first opened my daycare I painted fun stuff on all the walls. This was our room. It has been a cheerful and playful room for over a dozen kids, if you include the grand kids. This room hosted playtime, movie time, learning time, and nap time, just to name a few. The colors were bright and cheerful for stimulation for the little ones, and they LOVED it!
This is our "family tree". My grandson Braeden used his little hands to paint the sun above the tree. The sweet little butterfly has a footprint of one of my special little babies. She was born at 27 weeks. She came to me on the day she turned 4 months old, such a tiny little thing with a HUGE opinion! She is a very well adjusted little girl that has caught up to her birth age. All of the other kids that were left in my care have their hands and feet in the leaves of the family tree, with the age they were at the time we added them. The base of the tree has most of my grand kids hands and feet on the flowers and leaves. (I totally missed putting the twins on the wall!)I couldn't resist "carving" the hub's and my initials in the tree!
This rainbow is another favorite of mine.
I am a seeker of rainbows after the storm! Mr. Moonand Ms. Sunshine have had this wall as their home. Things are changing, and I'm re-arranging. I do have to say, I'm gonna miss these walls! But ...I'm excited for the change. I'll be posting soon, with the new look!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Have you ever made front page headlines of the Los Angeles Times and the Glendale News Press?
I have, along with my brothers and our Grandma. In fact, these headlines, and this newspaper is 45 years old. We were walking with our Grandma down Brand Blvd on our way to the dentist. A woman driving down the street blacked out and her car went out of control and hit Grandma, Tom, and me . My other brother Mike, was running ahead and was not hit. This woman was pregnant and was having spells where she would black out. She was not supposed to be driving! Grandma had major bruising on her legs. Tom and I spent the good part of the month in Children's Hospital. Luckily, we had some major injuries, but nothing that time wouldn't heal. So, that's what I was doing 45 years ago, on this day!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Superbowl Sunday

For Superbowl Sunday we went to Ryan and Terri's house. This was the first time we have been there since they moved in. They have a very nice 5 bedroom home. It's the perfect size for their family of 5. The kids all have their own room and Terri has a room for her office, perfect! This poster was perfect too, what a fun party decoration. Christie, Terri's friend made it for them, so fun. They had lots of friends and family over to watch the game, Ryan is a huge Colts fan. Terri's brother John, barbecued awesome chicken wings. He had two kinds, the Jerk Wings were my favorite, so yummy!!! The table was filled to edges with all kinds of food .
I couldn't pass up the chance to take a few pictures of the girls. Kelsea and Allie.
Same girls, all giggles.
Allie and Mackenzi, sober....
...and with shy smiles.
What a fun day we had.
Thanks Ryan and Terri for the invite!

Saturday, February 6, 2010


There is an old song that says something about... "It never rains in Southern California, but girl they don't warn ya, it pours, man it pours!" We have had a nice beginning to the rainy season. We need the rain desperately! The planter in our front yard is flooded. It's hard to see in this blurry photo though. For many years I have had an awesome rain gauge. Several years ago my last one had served us well and met the trash can. I have been looking for the same kind for several years since. On our last trip to visit my parents we went to town to the nursery, yeah...they had it! I was so excited for the rain to come. When it rains I empty the gauge every morning at 7am. This was our reading this morning!

I love the rain....and my new rain gauge!