Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Have you ever made front page headlines of the Los Angeles Times and the Glendale News Press?
I have, along with my brothers and our Grandma. In fact, these headlines, and this newspaper is 45 years old. We were walking with our Grandma down Brand Blvd on our way to the dentist. A woman driving down the street blacked out and her car went out of control and hit Grandma, Tom, and me . My other brother Mike, was running ahead and was not hit. This woman was pregnant and was having spells where she would black out. She was not supposed to be driving! Grandma had major bruising on her legs. Tom and I spent the good part of the month in Children's Hospital. Luckily, we had some major injuries, but nothing that time wouldn't heal. So, that's what I was doing 45 years ago, on this day!


Lopez Life said...

I never knew that! I'm glad that you made it to be with us today to share this memory!! :)

~ RM said...

yikes! Was she sick or drunk? THat must have been so terrible and scary for you!!

Amy and Cody said...

Holy Smokes! this is seriously cool! (Not that you were all hurt of course) I love that you still have the newspaper! So neat.