Saturday, February 13, 2010

More on the Toy Room

So....I was quite sad to be painting over the walls in the kids toy room. However, I'm very ready for a change in there.
It appears that I'm a little rusty in the paint department. The day started off ALL wrong. One delay after the another. I'm a planner or at least I used to be.
I like to have all the supplies I need so on the day work is to begin I have it all, no running back and forth to the hardware store. This time it didn't happen. In fact you'd have thought Jerry Lewis was coaching me on the finer techniques of painting. I was holding the paint tray, on the ladder, cutting in the ceiling when Jerry, not Lewis, came in and started yelling for me to stop. It seems I was not holding the tray level and I was pouring the paint down my leg and all over the floor. As we were cleaning up the mess, I went to move the ladder and guess what? Yup...I knocked over the whole can of paint. Jerry, being the good husband, came to the rescue to help me clean this even bigger mess, was he mad.....look at the closer picture. Mad that his screw driver was in the middle of the mess, not cool! Luckily we covered the whole room in plastic and no harm was done. I did have to go buy another gallon of paint though.
This morning I have a few "holidays" to fix, finish the closet, and paint the trim. I'm hoping for a better day today. Wish me luck!


The Picketts said...

Looks great so far! Can't wait to see the finished project! I'm a little sad to see the old room gone - but how wonderful to start fresh! Now, wanna come help me with MY craft room? ha ha ha ha. Love ya !

Terri Smith said...

Woops! Accidents happen! But after everything is finished, you'll barely remember the mishap. You'll be way too busy taking in the great new view! Hope you post the completed project. Happy Valentine's Day!

Amy and Cody said...

Hahaha, don't you hate when your craft projects aren't so crafty? This is funny though, SO good you had a tarp donw! Good luck with the final result!!

Sweet Grandma Rita said...

Yea for plastic!! Sure saves a bunch of carpeting and other stuff that is harder to replace then the plastic. Have you decided on a new name for the Toy Room or are you going to put toys back for your GrandAngeles and add a few toys of a different style, scanners, computers, and so forth.

Sweet Grandma Rita said...

Happy Valentines Day!! Be Mine!!
Love you guys!