Sunday, March 25, 2012


Last month this is what the bathroom looked like.
It needed an updated look,
but we never dreamed it had so much damage hiding beneath the surface.
So this will be our before picture.

Back At It...and It Doesn't Look Good

We have been avoiding the bathroom. 
We have been so busy that there just wasn't time or energy to attack that room in the evenings. 
So, today we are back at it.
 HOLY COW PIES! ....what a job. 
We finally got the toilet, sink, and  flooring up, down to the sub-floor.We are going to have to replace all the cross boards, but we are hoping that the joist are pest free and sturdy. Our next step is to call an exterminator to see just how bad the damage is. We are pretty sure we are going to have to tent the house. We might just need a tent and camp in the back yard during the tenting....not really but it might be fun for a few days. I hear stay-cations are what people are doing lately. 
Here is what is going on with the demo:
 Jerry perfecting  his plumbers crack being a plumber. 
He is removing the sink and toilet.

 Next we need to finish removing the tiles and the plywood flooring.

 Termite damage on the sub-flooring.
Oh what a mess
Done for the day....
My knees are killing me!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Demo...Day 2

I can't tell you how thankful I am to our son, son in law, and grandson for coming over to take the tile from the walls today! My body was not willing to do a repeat of yesterday. They finished taking all the tile and cement backer board off the walls.

Matt hard at work.
Ryan hard at work.

demo debris
 more of the same, maybe we will be able to fit all this in the barrels next week.

 Demo day 2 finished. 
Thanks guys!!

Demo...Day 1

This is a lot of heavy work!
Friday night the hubs and I went into see what was going on with the grout in our shower.
When we took a peek under a few tiles we knew everything would have to be renovated.
 Jerry has some issues going on with his back, so yesterday it was all up to me. 
I had 2 sizes of sledge hammers, a pick, two sizes of brick chisels, a shop vac, broom, dust pan, a hammer,and some good old elbow grease!
Getting started....
Everything was VERY wet under the tile,
we have a major leak in the shower pan!
 Done for the day.

 I worked most of the day and this is all I accomplished. 
This is what was left after we filled...
these 90 gallon barrels.

Good thing trash day is Monday
Even better news is that Ryan, Andrew, and Matt will be here soon to help me work today!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

The Laundry Room

Remember a couple of months ago, when I repainted the kitchen?
Well I finally got around to taking pictures of the laundry room.
Did I say room?....
I meant closet!
In the back of our kitchen, just before you go out to the backyard
there is a closet.
 It looks like this.

When you open the doors, 
this is what hides behind the them....

This magnetic board hides the water hook ups and drain.

...and THAT is what hides behind those double doors
my super clean, super organized laundry room closet!

25 Years Later.... It's Time to Renovate

In June of this year we will have lived in our home for 25 years. One of the many things we did when we first moved in was to completely gut and remodel the 3/4 bathroom. This bath is looking a little out dated. I have dreamed of how I would like it to look, but just didn't want to part with the money it would cost to attain that dream....but the time is now.
Maybe I should say we are forced to renovate. I have been noticing that the tile grout in our small bath is falling out. There was another clue, the tile on the shower pan curb was ready to fall off. So last night we decided to look a little deeper.

Boy oh boy are we in for some demo work!

Darn those subterranean termites!
They have been FEASTING!
On the up side, this is a very small 3/4 bath that I am excited to give a fresh look.
I better go get my gloves and sledge hammer!

Friday, March 9, 2012

A Little of this and a Little of That

Hey there, 
I'm back! 
I know, it's been a while....
February was a very busy month. 
Work is finally picking up, we are starting to lease a good portion of the vacant units,,,
Then there's the Zumba class my friend , Margaret, and I joined. 
I tell ya, most of the time I can keep my feet moving to the beat, but when the time comes to use my arms AND my feet... I have flashbacks of Footloose and Willard, you remember him ? Right??
I AM THE FEMALE VERSION to have no rhythm!
However, we are having a great time!

February was a busy month for birthday's in our family. 
We started the month celebrating Camden's 1st birthday

He was so sweet, and everything looked fabulous!

 The following weekend we celebrated the twins birthday.

I was so busy taking pictures with Laci's camera that the only picture I got on my camera was of this rainbow.
I doesn't show in this picture but it was a double, just perfect for Jace and Quinn's birthday!

The next February birthday was for a girl,  
one of the just born fresh as a daisy baby girl BIRTH day variety.
Bentley Reese 
was born on February 16th 
weighing in at a whopping 5 lb 5 oz, 
and cute as a button!
I was taking pictures with Laci's camera and this is the only picture I have. 
She is one week old here.
 I took a picture of Jace and Quinn 
when thy were itty bitty next to the same type baby doll.
 It shows just how tiny these babies are.

 Miss Bentley is our 9th grandchild. 
So, rumor has it that she will be our last baby. 
All three of our kids say their families are complete.
We are blessed!