Friday, March 9, 2012

A Little of this and a Little of That

Hey there, 
I'm back! 
I know, it's been a while....
February was a very busy month. 
Work is finally picking up, we are starting to lease a good portion of the vacant units,,,
Then there's the Zumba class my friend , Margaret, and I joined. 
I tell ya, most of the time I can keep my feet moving to the beat, but when the time comes to use my arms AND my feet... I have flashbacks of Footloose and Willard, you remember him ? Right??
I AM THE FEMALE VERSION to have no rhythm!
However, we are having a great time!

February was a busy month for birthday's in our family. 
We started the month celebrating Camden's 1st birthday

He was so sweet, and everything looked fabulous!

 The following weekend we celebrated the twins birthday.

I was so busy taking pictures with Laci's camera that the only picture I got on my camera was of this rainbow.
I doesn't show in this picture but it was a double, just perfect for Jace and Quinn's birthday!

The next February birthday was for a girl,  
one of the just born fresh as a daisy baby girl BIRTH day variety.
Bentley Reese 
was born on February 16th 
weighing in at a whopping 5 lb 5 oz, 
and cute as a button!
I was taking pictures with Laci's camera and this is the only picture I have. 
She is one week old here.
 I took a picture of Jace and Quinn 
when thy were itty bitty next to the same type baby doll.
 It shows just how tiny these babies are.

 Miss Bentley is our 9th grandchild. 
So, rumor has it that she will be our last baby. 
All three of our kids say their families are complete.
We are blessed!

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The Picketts said...

Love! And you ARE blessed!!!