Sunday, March 25, 2012

Back At It...and It Doesn't Look Good

We have been avoiding the bathroom. 
We have been so busy that there just wasn't time or energy to attack that room in the evenings. 
So, today we are back at it.
 HOLY COW PIES! ....what a job. 
We finally got the toilet, sink, and  flooring up, down to the sub-floor.We are going to have to replace all the cross boards, but we are hoping that the joist are pest free and sturdy. Our next step is to call an exterminator to see just how bad the damage is. We are pretty sure we are going to have to tent the house. We might just need a tent and camp in the back yard during the tenting....not really but it might be fun for a few days. I hear stay-cations are what people are doing lately. 
Here is what is going on with the demo:
 Jerry perfecting  his plumbers crack being a plumber. 
He is removing the sink and toilet.

 Next we need to finish removing the tiles and the plywood flooring.

 Termite damage on the sub-flooring.
Oh what a mess
Done for the day....
My knees are killing me!


Dana said...

Yikes! Tell Dad to say no to crack!

Kayla said...

How is the bathroom now?!??!