Thursday, October 30, 2008

Welcome back Bob!

I read in the paper that Bob's Big Boy was coming back to West Covina. Well today I believe it! Bob's new home will be very close to where it was for years. We are very excited to have him so close to our home. We usually stop to eat at the Bob's in Calimesa on our way to our trailer at the river. WHOO HOO!

Pancreatic cancer walk

Last Sunday we participated in our second annual walk for pancreatic cancer. This was the 11th annual L A Cancer Challenge for pancreatic cancer. We had 20 walkers (and a few riders) in our group. Thanks to all of you that supported our cause and came out to join us! We had a great time. After the walk we went out for lunch. We all think our choice is appropriate, Mom LOVED Bob's Big Boy!

OH NO, it happened....again

Yes, it's the dreaded day. The day all parents know will come. How will I deal with it? What will I do with my time? Who will I have to talk to? It is so quiet.....
Today is only the first day, but based on the last time I went through this, I think I will be just fine. What do you ask am I talking about?


I am okay with Dana and her family moving out and into their dream home! I love that she will be living less than 5 miles from Laci. Who wouldn't be happy to call this home!
This is a security device that attaches to the pool. It's called Catch a Kid

Kevin finally took a few minutes to sit back and kick up his feet. When I said who wouldn't be happy to call this home.....I think I would love to call this HOME!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Sunday Laci and Matt hosted a Halloween party for the kids. Everything looked fantastic! The kids all had a great time, there was so much to do!

The jumper was always in use... They had lots of food to eat...

Craft projects to do.... Pin the nose on Jack-O

Bobbing for APPLES

Let's not forget carving PUMPKINS

The weather was perfect, we could not have ordered a better day!

There was a nice area that was GREATfor making photographic memories!

My cousin Brian and his family joined us, they are here on vacation. Braeden and Justin became fast friends!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Such a sad day!

Well, today was a hard day. My brothers are 49 years old today. They share this special day with our Mom. Our mother passed away 2 years ago today. It's ironic how numbers play into things. Tom and Mike were born, and our Mom passed away all within a half hour, many years apart. The girls were here to spend the day with me. Dana, Laci, and I went to the cemetery to put flowers on Mom's grave. It hardly seems possible that two years have passed! We think of her all the time and miss her daily.
With Halloween just around the corner I thought I'd share a few pictures of Mom dressed up. She loved to think up new costumes for Halloween!

Laci is on the left, with Dana on the right.