Thursday, October 30, 2008

OH NO, it happened....again

Yes, it's the dreaded day. The day all parents know will come. How will I deal with it? What will I do with my time? Who will I have to talk to? It is so quiet.....
Today is only the first day, but based on the last time I went through this, I think I will be just fine. What do you ask am I talking about?


I am okay with Dana and her family moving out and into their dream home! I love that she will be living less than 5 miles from Laci. Who wouldn't be happy to call this home!
This is a security device that attaches to the pool. It's called Catch a Kid

Kevin finally took a few minutes to sit back and kick up his feet. When I said who wouldn't be happy to call this home.....I think I would love to call this HOME!

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Kayla said...

I would LOVE to call that home! its beautiful!!!