Sunday, August 31, 2008

Simply Sunning Sunday!

Today was a really nice day. Jerry and I did yard work early before our company came over. Ryan, Andrew, and Allie came over for a visit. Dana, Kevin, Braeden, and Kelsea came later in the day too. All the kids had a great time sunning and swimming. Andrew and Allie are getting so big! Where does the time go? Here are a few of my favorite things.....ladybugs & kids!After swimming, I went with Ryan and his kids to do a little back to school shopping. As I write I have two little sleepy heads in the RV for a sleep over with Nana! They think this is a real treat! Okay, enough for today, move over kids.... here comes Nana!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Busy Saturday

Yesterday was Kevin's 29th birthday. Dana had a little get together here for him. We had Laci and her family and Kevin's parents, Tom and Kathy, here for dinner. The kids played in the yard and swam before dinner. Who do you think rules the yard?

Here the boys are in their floaties.

This is just out of the pool.

Here the boys are in all their cuteness. They are lovingly referred to as the Bobo Brothers. Bobo's are little monkeys on Dora the Explorer.

And for the serenade!!! Happy Birthday to Kevin!

Do you think our family needs to do group voice lessons?

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Park hopping

Wednesday I offered to take Braeden and Kelsea to the park while Dana and Kevin were finalizing the purchase offer on their home. This would make for peace and quiet while the agent was meeting with them. Oh the drama that caused...Braeden wanted to go to the "Airplane" park and Kelsea wanted to go to "Edna" park. What would any Nana do? Right!!
We went to both! Here we are at Palmview, AKA the "Airplane" park.
Here we are at Edna park. Problem solved, and both kids were happy! I'm sure glad there were only 2 kids going to the park with me! Any more and it could have been an all day event!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Crazy Traffic

Last week I was driving out to Laci's to watch the kids while she had a doctors appointment. The most bizarre site was holding up traffic! Look on the left of the picture, can you make out what it is? The next picture down is easier to see. I could not believe that airplane wings were driven to their location! This set of wings was HUGE! It took up one and a half lanes on the freeway!
Then driving home this is what we saw. Not quite as big as the wings, but HUGE for a boat!


I have to say that Dana's mother-in -law, Kathy, knows how to give nice birthday gifts. By the title , do you think she is wicked??...... Well let me tell you she is far from it! Her gift to Dana for her birthday was tickets to go see Wicked, the play. She also included Stephanie, Dana's sister-in -law and me! What a treat... so very nice of was girls night out! We had dinner then went to the play. IT WAS AWESOME! Such a sweet lady to include all of us.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

I AM ... a strong and giving person

I WANT...the "finer things in life", at the "simple life" price.

I HAVE... never been on an Island.

I WISH I COULD ... travel to places I've never been.

I HATE ... the hindsight feeling you get when you've said something negative about someone.
Mom always said " If you can't say something nice, don't say it at all"!

I THINK..."what if they knew I said that" how would I feel if I were in their shoes?

I FEAR ... and therefore try to always say only nice and positive things.

I HEAR ...the sounds of the seasons, and love them all.

I SEARCH ... for the good in people....and rainbows.

I DON'T THINK ...I will ever see anything more beautiful than my grand babies being born.

I REGRET ... working so much when my kids were young.

I LOVE cream, chips and salsa, going barefoot, the river, flowers, doing yard work, water, the sun, the moon, babies, and singing lullabies....but most of all , my family!

I ACHE FOR ... couples that have fertility problems.

I ALWAYS CRY ... for people that are hurting, for sad songs, and love stories.

I AM NOT ... a dancer!
I DANCE ... enough said!

I SING songs and lullabies for Braeden, Kelsea, Mackenzi, Jace, and Quinn.

I NEVER ... eat fish!

I RARELY ... sugar coat things.

I CRY WHEN I WATCH ... A Baby Story, or Extreme Home Makeovers

I AM NOT ALWAYS ... peppy.

I HATE THAT city is not what it used to be.

I'M CONFUSED ABOUT ... why I love to read people's blogs I have never met?

I NEED ...more organizational skills.

I SHOULD ... remind you that you are more than welcome to steal this from me and do it on
your blog. After all, I did. Thank you Melissa over at,

This week on the Parker Strip

It's monsoon time along the Colorado river. I really enjoy a good thunderstorm. I have been very disappointed so far this year. We got to see about 10 minutes of one while driving the last time we went out. I think we have some magnetic force that repels them while we are there. I was out walking the dogs at dawn and this is as close as it got to raining.
We decided to take our dogs to the river this time with us. They usually stay home and Penny, Jerry's sister, house sits for us.

I do think our dogs enjoyed themselves.
And had a relaxing time. They stayed indoors most of the time.
Regardless of the weather, we love to spend time at our little spot on the river. The days were hovering around 110 and the nights in the low 70's. Dana and her family came out for a few days, the kids are little fish. They love to swim in the river and do cannon balls from the rock jetty.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

This one's for my Dad

Okay Dad, I did what I said I was going to do. I found a holder for my flag pole and actually put it, and the flag up! Thank you again for thinking about, and buying it for me. We had the trees trimmed yesterday too.This picture was taken last week. Laci, me, my Dad, Quinn, & Jace.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You may look and smell, but you may NOT pick!

These are the words I have said to ALL the kids that play in my backyard. Sometimes though, the flower is just too tempting. For the most part all the kids understand that if the flowers are picked the yard will not be as pretty a place to play. The bees and butterflies will not have a place to eat, nor will the hummingbirds.

This is what happens when little boys have the water on way to hard to fill the birdbath! And, he was really mad at me, like it was MY fault!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Fall Flowers

Yesterday I planted fall flowers in my front yard. I just love fall. The colors, fragrances, warm blustery days, cool nights, falling leaves. It signals the end of summer, beginning of another school year and the promise that the year has almost come to an end. Here is a peek at the flowers I have for fall. I'll post this same shot in a month or so to show the growth and bold fall look!

April of 1981 and April of 2008

Last April my cousin Diana left her baby, Gracie here with me while she went on a cruise with her husband Jason. I found these cute little t-shirts and thought I'd buy them for the girls, Gracie, Mackenzi, and Kelsea. They reminded me of some shirts these new babies mommies wore back in 1981. I was in Colorado for Lori and Pauls wedding and went shopping. It was my very first time shopping in Target.
Take notice of the top two pictures, and the bottom two. Funny how the poses are almost the same.
In the old pictures Diana is on the left, Dana on the right, and Laci in the middle. In the new pictures their daughters are sitting in their spots.


What cute kids they are!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Honest, I didn't touch it!

We have this table that we use for a coffee table at the river trailer. It's perfect in size! One of our last trips it was "injured". We brought it home to fix. Today was the day Jerry fixed it.

The broken slat is now "better" and a new coat of paint was applied. Braeden and Kelsea were told not to touch it because the paint was wet. Well, Dana looked at Braeden and asked, " did you touch the table?" He said , "NO, I did not! , I was just looking at it."It appears that he needs to have an eye exam. Poor kid had to have his nose on the table top just to see the paint! It appears he was telling the truth, he did NOT touch it with his let's hope he doesn't turn into a paint sniffer!

Let's hope he climbs the corporate ladder as a "brown noser!"

Lazy Saturday

Today I am just hanging out. Braeden and Kelsea are here with Dana. Kevin is having an open house for their town home and needs it quiet and kid-free. So, Dana and I were reading Kadi's blog over at A Womb at the Inn (sane) and I wanted to comment. That prompted me to make my own blog . I really enjoy reading other people's blogs and do a daily blog roll when I get home from work. I will hopefully try to post on a daily basis....wait is my life that exciting that I will have something to say on a daily basis??.....Time will tell.