Sunday, August 17, 2008

This week on the Parker Strip

It's monsoon time along the Colorado river. I really enjoy a good thunderstorm. I have been very disappointed so far this year. We got to see about 10 minutes of one while driving the last time we went out. I think we have some magnetic force that repels them while we are there. I was out walking the dogs at dawn and this is as close as it got to raining.
We decided to take our dogs to the river this time with us. They usually stay home and Penny, Jerry's sister, house sits for us.

I do think our dogs enjoyed themselves.
And had a relaxing time. They stayed indoors most of the time.
Regardless of the weather, we love to spend time at our little spot on the river. The days were hovering around 110 and the nights in the low 70's. Dana and her family came out for a few days, the kids are little fish. They love to swim in the river and do cannon balls from the rock jetty.

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