Sunday, August 24, 2008

Busy Saturday

Yesterday was Kevin's 29th birthday. Dana had a little get together here for him. We had Laci and her family and Kevin's parents, Tom and Kathy, here for dinner. The kids played in the yard and swam before dinner. Who do you think rules the yard?

Here the boys are in their floaties.

This is just out of the pool.

Here the boys are in all their cuteness. They are lovingly referred to as the Bobo Brothers. Bobo's are little monkeys on Dora the Explorer.

And for the serenade!!! Happy Birthday to Kevin!

Do you think our family needs to do group voice lessons?

1 comment:

The Picketts said...

I love the videos! I really think Quinn looks like Laci and Jace looks like Matt! But then, they really look like each other too! SO CUTE!