Monday, August 11, 2008

April of 1981 and April of 2008

Last April my cousin Diana left her baby, Gracie here with me while she went on a cruise with her husband Jason. I found these cute little t-shirts and thought I'd buy them for the girls, Gracie, Mackenzi, and Kelsea. They reminded me of some shirts these new babies mommies wore back in 1981. I was in Colorado for Lori and Pauls wedding and went shopping. It was my very first time shopping in Target.
Take notice of the top two pictures, and the bottom two. Funny how the poses are almost the same.
In the old pictures Diana is on the left, Dana on the right, and Laci in the middle. In the new pictures their daughters are sitting in their spots.


What cute kids they are!


Laci said...

That is so funny that the girls are making the same faces as we were in the 1st picture. How weird is that. Did you remember the position that we were in when we took the pics of the girls (diana, then me, then dana)??? Very cool!! Oh, I think Jace looks like me in that pic!!

Jan said...

I did not know the positions you girls were in when we took the pictures this April. It was just a co-inki-dink! Look how young Sandie is in the old photos too!

The Picketts said...

How funny that they are even in the same places!!!! I LOVE IT! I'm going to do a similar post on my blog! Thanks for sharing these and THINKING of them! What a priceless memory! (AND again, thanks for watching Gracie! You're the best!)

The Picketts said...

By the way - was it REALLY April of 81 too???? That's SO funny how similar EVERYTHING is!!! Poses, dates....CUTENESS of the kids,etc.