Thursday, August 21, 2008

Park hopping

Wednesday I offered to take Braeden and Kelsea to the park while Dana and Kevin were finalizing the purchase offer on their home. This would make for peace and quiet while the agent was meeting with them. Oh the drama that caused...Braeden wanted to go to the "Airplane" park and Kelsea wanted to go to "Edna" park. What would any Nana do? Right!!
We went to both! Here we are at Palmview, AKA the "Airplane" park.
Here we are at Edna park. Problem solved, and both kids were happy! I'm sure glad there were only 2 kids going to the park with me! Any more and it could have been an all day event!


Anonymous said...

Wow--you're nicer than I'd be! I can only handle one park on any given day! They are VERY lucky to have a Nana that loves them soooo much!

The Picketts said...

Will you be MY nana?? He he he! What lucky kids! Hey, thanks again for your help the other day. The ideas you gave me have really helped me get started in the right direction! As always, you're the best!!!!