Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You may look and smell, but you may NOT pick!

These are the words I have said to ALL the kids that play in my backyard. Sometimes though, the flower is just too tempting. For the most part all the kids understand that if the flowers are picked the yard will not be as pretty a place to play. The bees and butterflies will not have a place to eat, nor will the hummingbirds.

This is what happens when little boys have the water on way to hard to fill the birdbath! And, he was really mad at me, like it was MY fault!


Anonymous said...

Alright, ALRIGHT!!! I sign on to check out your blog and see this new post. I'm starting to think you might think my son is a trouble maker who's always into mischief. First the paint, then the mud!!! Back off, lady! Oh wait...my kids are busy, a bit naughty, and seem to look for trouble!!! We'll you hit the nail on the head there!!! hahaha

The Picketts said...

SO CUTE! I LOVE it! First, your back yard and Front yard are BEAUTIFUL! I REALLY want to have my backyard so beautiful someday! (I don't think I have a natural Green Thumb though - we'll see what happens this fall). Second - Braden is probably the cutest kid in the world (next to Gracie of course!) I LOVE the pictures you've posted of him! He's ALL boy and I LOVE it! And I can't believe how big he's gotten too!

finuke08 said...

hahaha that is such a funny picture of Braeden! He does look pretty annoyed hahaha.