Saturday, August 9, 2008

Honest, I didn't touch it!

We have this table that we use for a coffee table at the river trailer. It's perfect in size! One of our last trips it was "injured". We brought it home to fix. Today was the day Jerry fixed it.

The broken slat is now "better" and a new coat of paint was applied. Braeden and Kelsea were told not to touch it because the paint was wet. Well, Dana looked at Braeden and asked, " did you touch the table?" He said , "NO, I did not! , I was just looking at it."It appears that he needs to have an eye exam. Poor kid had to have his nose on the table top just to see the paint! It appears he was telling the truth, he did NOT touch it with his let's hope he doesn't turn into a paint sniffer!

Let's hope he climbs the corporate ladder as a "brown noser!"

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The Picketts said...

I am SOOO glad you decided to jump on the blog wagon! YAY! I am going to add you to my blog so that I can check up on you regularly! I LOVE the look of your blog!! :) (And I love you too..had to get mushy in there SOMEWHERE!)