Friday, April 10, 2009

I Live With an Old Man!

Not that I'm a young chick. I'm just sayin.... Today is Jerry's birthday. He is now 62! Seems like yesterday when I met him and he was 29. I thought he was old then! We had a really nice day. We had a quiet morning, went to Chili's for lunch. Came home and he took a nap in his chair. I hear old people do that. I started getting things ready for our dinner at home with all the kids. For dinner we had spaghetti with tomato sauce, meatballs, pasta with white sauce, salad, and cheese bread. Cake and ice cream for desert. Our house was full. Tom, Penny, Laci, Matt and the kids, Dana, Kevin and the kids, Ryan, Terri and the kids minus Jonah. Quinn, Boppa, Jace, and Mackenzi Penny, Ryan, Allie, Andrew, Mackenzi, Boppa, Kelsea,and Braeden. Missing from the picture are Jonah, Jace, and Quinn.
Singing happy birthday, the kids all had their own cupcake with their own candles to make a wish with. We love it when all the kids are together....we had a very nice day! Happy birthday Jerry!


The Picketts said...

Tell that Old Man HAPPY BIRTHDAY! You sure are lucky to have made such a great catch! I STILL think it's funny that when I was little I was scared of him! He's seriously one of the nicest guys I've ever met! I think it's probably because when I met him - he was sitting on the top bunk in the motorhome in JUST his undies...that's enough to scare ANYONE! ha ha ha! Give him a big hug from us!

Sweet Grandma Rita said...

I hope you had a great birthday Jerry. Guess what you can get social security now! Does that mean you are really old? LOL

Mamabee said...

We had a lot of fun!