Saturday, September 13, 2008

Moving Day!

Today was moving day at the Gustafson home. Matt brought a BIG truck from his work to load with all the furniture. Laci came in later in the day to hang out for awhile. We were taking a break from working and visiting with Laci and the kids I caught the boys playing together. I think it is so darn cute when they crack each other up!
We got everything moved to storage, and almost everything clean. The cleaning is totally finished upstairs. All that is left to do downstairs is clean the hardwood floors and empty the fridge. Whoo hoo! Kevin got all the nail holes patched and touched up with paint. They hand over the keys a week from today, so they are right on schedule!
Tonight will be the first night Dana, Kevin and the kids stay here. I'm looking forward to them staying while waiting for their new home to be ready!Posted by Picasa

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