Sunday, September 28, 2008

A Wedding, A Beautiful Bride, and Pretty Girls...

Yesterday we all went to Manuela and Paul's wedding. It was on lookout point , high on a cliff , over looking the ocean. There were about 60 people attending. When we left home the weather was in the high 90's. I would say the beach was in the mid 60 with a slight breeze, and overcast. It was a very nice wedding. As Manuela was walking down the isle, the marine layer was swirling around her....just beautiful!

She was so calm. She is now an instant mommy too. She has a little boy, his name is Big Wes, he is 6 years old. What a nice package, a husband AND a son!

The title says a wedding, a bride, and pretty girls! So this is the pretty girls part!

Congratulations to Manuela, Paul, and Wesley!

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