Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Sweet Auntie Rita

I am lucky enough to come from a family that has very strong and capable women. My mom and my grandmother were independent, almost to a fault. They were going to run their lives come hell or high water, the way they wanted to!
Mom, Grandma, and Auntie Rita
My aunt on the other hand is just as strong, but she learned how to accomplish what she wanted, with gently prodding her husband, (Uncle Bill to me)and has perfected the process. Fifty plus years later they are still a winning team.These past few years have brought a whole new meaning to that team. Auntie Rita was diagnosed with ALS a few years ago. ALS is Lou Gherigs disease. This is her explanation of just what ALS is, she writes, " I have ALS, aka Lou Gehrig’s disease. A *neuromuscular disease that causes the nerves to die which in turn causes the muscles to shrivel up and become useless. This is not what I thought the end of my life would be like, but I am confident that I am ornery enough to not only endure, but I will do what ever I want and what ever I am capable of for as long as I can! " ....sounds just like the other women in our family! Determined, confident, and oh so strong!
I am so proud of the way she has accepted her future, however long that might be. She is very strong in her faith and knows Heavenly Father only gives you as much as you can handle. She has lost her speech, but can communicate very well with the help of a computer like devise. She types in what she wants to say, then the words will then be spoken for her. What I have come to love, even more than I did before, is to blog hop through our families blogs. Auntie Rita has made it her daily ritual to visit all the family blogs, and leave little uplifting comments, that are full of wisdom and love! I absolutely love it!
These pictures were taken last spring when I made the trip to Diana's house in Arizona to see Auntie Rita and Uncle Bill.
This is our cousin La Vonne and my sweet Auntie Rita.

From left to right, Me, La Vonne, Auntie Rita, and a very pregnant Diana. Diana is my cousin and Auntie Rita's youngest of 8 children! So Auntie Rita, here is a new post for you to read today!
I love you...

*sidenote while spell checking this post, blogspot suggested the proper spelling for neuromuscular to be numskull........tickled me to pieces!


The Picketts said...

You just HAD to go and do that...didn't you?! :o) I am crying tears of joy that my sweet mom was mentioned here. Thanks for paying such a wonderful tribute to her! And I'm glad you added numskull to that is still cracking me up! I'll have to call and tell you the story about the lady that received an email from my mom...I hope that I can be like these amazing women in our lives and touch the lives of so many!

Sweet Grandma Rita said...

Jan, my angel! You are so sweet. I love you and your family so much. You all enrich our lives so much. You and your girls are uplifting to me. You have done wonderful with out your sweet mom and that helps with one of my greatest fears, that when it is my turn to go and be with Karen and Grandma and all the others there, my kids will continue stong and steadfast too. That does not mean you do not miss her, but it is doable. I hope this makes sense and i do not have too many fat fingers making mistakes through my tears. Thank you for all your love and here is a tease 'remember pennys'.

Jan said...

yes, pennies, ...and ladybugs!