Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our Annual Cookie Night

It's another Friday night and we got together at Dana's house. We had pizza and salad, yummy. Tonight was the night to do our cookie making. We had a great time. We had the Christmas music on. Nothing better than The Beach Boys Christmas Album! We had all the ingredients you could possibly need. We acted silly, while we made lots of goodies, and just had fun!


The Picketts said...

You guys truly are blessed and SO lucky! I must admit that seeing these posts (along with the post about my sisters making candies) I am SOOOO jealous and seriously HATE being in Arizona, so far away from family! But - I'm SO glad you guys had so much fun! MERRY CHRISTMAS (and thanks for letting me bawl my eyes out over the phone to just wouldn't stop!!!) Love you lots Jan!

Sweet Grandma Rita said...

So much fun, and being silly makes it even better. Ask the kids about naming the turkey we use to do when Pam was part of our gatherings.
When Diana gets here we may have a cookie party. The more the merrier.