Saturday, December 12, 2009

A Regular Friday night in December

This is what you'll find, if you visit us, on a rainy Friday night in December.
These little darlings, you will only find at our house, on a special Friday night. Sleeping while visions of sugarplum's danced in their heads!


Sweet Grandma Rita said...

Wow! While I waws showing the other post to Uncle Bill, you were posting another. There is no such thing as a "Regular Fridy night" at Nana Jan's Place.
Thank you for showing your home and all the pretty decorations, including some sleepy angels. I love them. Your home is always so friendly and pretty. You have the knack to get it just right.

Laci said...

Mom, your house looks beautiful (like always). But I must say, my favorite decorations are the sweet little ones fast asleep in their Christmas jammies!!! Thanks for watching them for us while we went to Cody's game!!

Kelly said...

Haven't checked your blog in a while - ADORABLE! Such a cute picture of all of the kids too!