Sunday, March 27, 2011

Taking Risks!

I have a pantry in my kitchen that I love.
 I love it so much that when we remodeled the kitchen, 
with moved walls and all new cabinets, this piece stayed! 
It was custom made just for me some 20 years ago by Tom, 
our friend and house guest.
Floor to ceiling, it holds a tremendous amount of stuff.
This end of the kitchen is kind of blah, not much going on.
So, we had scraps of this..

Then I took a chance and used this magnetic primer,
then the black chalkboard paint!
I think I really like the finished project!
It's such a fun way to jazz up the end of my pantry.
The magnetic primer enabled a plain wood/formica  cabinet to accept magnets.
The chalkboard paint, just fun.

 Best of all?

Finding little notes like this!


Amy said...

Wait a minute, how am I not on your family blog reel...? :)
What a great idea! (And how fun to find such sweet notes!)I've been wanting to find a spot for one in my house ever since I saw this post ( glad that you took a risk - it looks great!

Jan said...

Thanks for bringing that to my attention. I think when you went private eon's ago I removed it and just forgot to put it back under the family blog roll....

The Picketts said...

This is ADORABLE! I MAY just have to do this to the space behind my garage door. I LOVE it!

Lopez Life said...

What a great idea!!!

Crystal Hendrix said...

Now what I want to know how does it clean??? does it also work really well?? hold magnets or anything (or no..) I want to know what you think of the quality of the stuff. Adorable of course!!!

Melissa said...


Kalita Ulrich said...

Love the idea!! I looks great Jan!