Friday, June 25, 2010

Worn and Torn

I have this little girl that loves her baby and travel system. This stroller combo is almost vintage in the world of toys. Graco made this model in 2005. My Mom actually bought this stroller for Braeden. Kelsea was a 2 month old baby. Grammy thought Braeden would like to have a baby and stroller, just like his Mama. Through the years this toy has been well used by many kids. It has seen better days! We have looked to replace this stroller, nothing looks as functional as this very loved model.

It is ripped and torn, making it difficult for a "baby" to safetly ride inside. Kelsea asked if I could fix it....well, I'm afraid the fabric is beyond repair. However....I can remake it!

This time around instead of the blue plaid, we went with a bright Hawaiian fabric. Look how happy this little one looks in her clean and bright new car seat.

Or just going for a ride, secured in the stroller...

..and when Kelsea needs to stop for a diaper change, this diaper bag is removable.

and holds diapers, bottles, and even a changing pad to keep her baby away from germs. Here is the proud Mommy with her very own Eletent, to protect her baby from the elements!
....and this travel system has a new life. Did I tell you?

I have one very happy little girl!


Landon and Kayla said...

Jan I am soooo Jealous!! I love it! You are so crafty! I wish I had your skills! You can make anything! It amazes me!

Amy said...

Alright Jan. I cannot believe how RIDICULOUSLY crafty you are. Seriously. SEEERIOUSLY. I am beyond impressed, and jealous, just like Kayla. You are amazing.

Amy said...

Did I mention that you are amazing? --it's true.

The Picketts said...

woohoo! Super fancy! I love love love it! It makes me want to go get Gracie a little carrier and make her her own Eletent. How stinkin' fun is that?! Did I mention that I love it?