Saturday, June 26, 2010

Two Little Monkeys

Who knew that these two kids would love to climb trees? Not any tree, just my back yard tree!

What fun to sit up high, looking down on everyone. I am responsible for these kids climbing this tree. This statement might come back to bite me if they are ever injured from a fall. But for now...they have been taught to always keep at least one hand holding onto a limb. They are not allowed to climb with shoes on (I think when climbing you get a better feel of your!). They are getting to be just as good at climbing as their cousin Allie. I, on occasion, will make my way up to the tallest branches with them where we can look out over the neighboring yards. Friday I taught them a few new tricks. They are a little apprehensive, but that's good! I want them to know their limits, and not be too daring. Mackenzi is so wanting to climb this tree to! The rule is; if you can get up there all by can climb the tree! She is so close. Soon she will be climbing with Braeden and Kelsea!

Do they look proud or what?

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Laci said...

Very cute. Two little monkeys indeed. I think Mackenzi has a LONG way before she's swing from the branches like that!!