Saturday, January 16, 2010

Another Sleepover

Braeden and Kelsea are here for a sleepover. We had a busy night. They were dropped off about 4:30 tonight. They ran to do their favorite thing lately, climbing the backyard tree. Braeden does not have a black eye, it's just shadows from the leaves.
We had just enough time to have Del Taco for dinner before heading out to the theater to see The Spy Next Door. While munching on popcorn, Braeden and Kelsea laughed and giggled at the funny things that were happening on the movie. When we got home, the kids were very good about getting ready for bed. Jammie's, potty, and teeth brushed. Kelsea jumped right into bed, lines her babies up and promptly went to sleep. You can sure see the Kappmeyer in her, it's usually the men that have this habit though....
Braeden wanted to stay up a little longer though, claiming he needed a snack. He decided on cheerios and then wanted to sit with Boppa for a bit before bed. As you can see, that lasted about 5 minutes, sleepy kids!


The Picketts said...

ha ha ha- that is so funny! How lucky to be so close to Nana! :o)

Mamabee said...

I'm glad they "took it easy" on you!