Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Today I took donuts to all my funny Valentine's.

Lets start with the Rogina  kids.

This made these cuties very happy!
Mackenzi with her Valentine from Mom and Dad.
This silly girl asked me to take a picture of her feet....OK?
Jace liked his heart too!
Quinn didn't want his picture taken.
Sorry it's blurry, too cute to leave out!

Next...The Gus  kids.
More donuts

...and if he isn't the sweetest little guy,
dressed in his tie onesie his Auntie Laci made for him.
 It matches the one's she made for Jace and Quinn.
Dana sewed the embellished heart on her T-shirt.
She is a cutie too.


After school Braeden was tasting a Pixie stick.
I bet he didn't think it would be so tart.
I hope you all had a fun filled day full of love !


Dana said...

What a fun day it was!

The Picketts said...

What a lucky Nana you are! :o) Such cuties!

Laci said...

Thank you for suprising us with donuts. That made their morning. :) You're the best!